Which is the best type of flea treatment for cats?...

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dalebillster | 18:15 Mon 23rd Aug 2010 | Pets
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Hi everyone, i have recently taken in a long-haired female cat & i have noticed she has fleas. i bought some 'bob martin spot on' stuff the other day but i am completely unconvinced it works as i can still see fleas on her neck. I dont think she has loads of fleas as i have only spotted one or two & a small amount of flea dirt. Any ideas which is the best flea treatment?


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Frountline. Buy it online rather than from the vets as its cheaper
I tried the Bob Martin stuff on my mum`s cat. It didn`t work at all. It probably doesn`t have much in the way of active ingredients in it which is why it can be bought at a supermarket. As mentioned, the Frontline stuff is better. I`m not convinced it`s 100% but it`s quite effective. You can buy it from a chemists or a pet shop that has an equestrian licence.
One of my cats is alergic to frontline, so just be aware.
Worth checking it out with the vet first - then going and buying the stuff somewhere else. You need to get it sorted or the fleas will be everywhere (I speak from experience). We use Advocate which seems to work well on my three.
Frontline - you can buy it in Asda and I've seen it in Boots too
Definately frontline after consulting with vet, buy online, try 'petmeds', much cheaper than vet and chemist etc. Been using this for years on our boys. Works within 24 hours.
JB x
frontline i got it online from petsensedirect
Frontline, but get the spray from the vet not the spot on, as the spray works instantly.
You can't buy the spray other than from a vet, which tells you something.
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EDDIE if you look at the link you have given it has a 'no entry' sign against the spray. If you click on this you will see it says prescription required.
Definitely Frontline,i put it on my cats each month-5weeks,all year round.But don't use a flea collar as well.
Advocat from the vets is the best & you can also get it with wormer in too.

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Which is the best type of flea treatment for cats?...

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