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Do you have a pet?

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AB Editor | 11:16 Mon 14th Aug 2023 | Pets
59 Answers

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  • Yes - 53 votes
  • 45%
  • No - 29 votes
  • 25%
  • I used to have a pet but I no longer have a pet - 25 votes
  • 21%
  • Other, I will say below - 6 votes
  • 5%
  • I don't have a pet but I would like to have a pet in the future - 3 votes
  • 3%
  • Who cares? - 2 votes
  • 2%
  • What's a pet? - 0 vote
  • 0%

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18:22 Mon 14th Aug 2023
We want to see how Benny gets on alone first. So far he has become a lot more fussy!
He will enjoy being an 'only dog'. If he is older he might not cope with a bouncy puppy.

I give up. TTT it tells me "Upload Complete" but I don't know where it's uploaded to. I used to be able to do it no problem but not anymore:-(
BTW I just love JRs. Had several over the years.
you have to click "copy" to copy the link, then past that into the AB reply.
LB, click on the "COPY" button (as seen in this link, and then paste it in your post.
this link works LB:
Anne asked for a picture of Patches, who was the mother of my lot (and who then got fed up with them and went off to find a new home after they'd grown up):
(She was beautiful)

For completeness, here's a picture of Biscuit (brother to Moonbeam, Chequers and Tablo) who was sadly killed by a car in 2020:
Got there in the end LB, what's his name?
Yes thank you. He's called Jay, got him from a Rescue centre. I know you have JRs and people think J is one but I say he's a terrier as JR's have two colours in their bodies and he doesn't.
^^ Jay is just lovely among that mass of bluebells.
Lovely Pic LadyB looks a handsome young fella, pleased you got it sorted.
Moorea, I'll see what I can do prob just a couple of pics though.
Yes it's the bluebells that do it rather than the dog isn't it Moorea LOL.

Thank you Arky but he's not a young boy, he's more 11-12 years old. Looks good for his age though.

Rodney is an absolutely lovely dog. I don’t know how anyone could have dumped him, but anyhoo, it’s our gain and he is a dream, except when he sees a greyhound, then he’s a complete menace. For some reason he hates them.

I have 3, call them my fur babies.

I don't hava a pet

41 to 59 of 59rss feed

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