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Pet Insurance

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888sally888 | 10:09 Mon 12th Feb 2007 | Pets
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Hi all

I have had a quote of 28.00 per month from Pet Plan to insure my 5 month old Bedlington Terrier. This has an excess of 90. This seems very expensive to me. It is a life cover whereas some only cover you year to year.

Does anyone else have pet insurance - do yo think its worth it? what do you pay? and who do you recommend?

Many thanks. Sally & Pickles


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It really depends on your financial situation. If you have money in the bank or friends/family to help you out, then I would say just put money away each month to cover any unexpected vet bills.

If you don't then you might consider pet insurance, as a large vet bill could cause you considerable financial worry.

If you are not bothered about things like 'replacement value', boarding fees if you are ill, advertising costs if the dog is lost, etc. then I'd go for the cheapest option which usually only covers vets bills.

Make sure you compare several different ones, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Direct Line in fact if you google pet insurance
you will get loads.

Some cover illnesses for life, some for up to one or two years, some only cover one illness others cover any illnesses.

Most have an excess period, but the majority of vets bills come under this threshhold and things like vaccinations and routine worming/flea treatment is not covered.

It is usually serious illnesses or accidents like a broken leg that entail long treatment that cost the most.

My friends Bedlington jumped out of an upstairs window and broke his leg, trying to get to a bitch in season!

You pays your money and you takes your choice!
Question Author
Oh my god - just shut all the windows!!

I will look into it more but as you say of we put away 28 x 12 months per year we would have a good amount of money just in case.

Hard to decide really!
Hi, Marks and Spencers' insurance covers my Border Collie (aged 2 and a bit) for �10.64/month. They initially quoted me �9.90 with a �50 excess, but they give you the option of a no excess policy for which you pay a tiny bit more a month.
I have had no problems with them, although I haven't yet claimed. However, I would much rather pay a small monthly fee than find upwards of �2000 if anything was ever to happen to Jack.
They cover up to �7000 vets fees, but also other "extras" that some companies don't, like �200 behaviourists' fees, �300 special diet costs, and rewards and advertising costs if your dog goes missing.

I think it is more than worth it; Jack's welfare is SO important to me, and I'd rather pay a little a month even if nothing ever happens, just in case. Nothing else I have is insured, Jack is my baby so...!

Good luck, hope you find a good one. (Not sure if Bedlingtons are expensive to insure everywhere, but that seems an awful lot of money!)
Question Author
Thanks for that - have tried Direct Line and they are 12 per month - will try M & S now. Sal
We shopped around and found good old Argos came up with the best deal for our Springer Spaniel.
hi sally i have 1 mastiff and 2 staffordshire bull terriers, i rang round lots of insurance companies and the best one at �26 a month is tescos. i dont much like these insure for life ones as your policy price tends to raise as the dog gets to 6 or 7 years old
Spot on leelapops. The woman who deals with the insurance at my vet said m and s. I paid for the zero excess and it has already paid for itself with 2 lost of antibiotics which would have been under most excesses. As she recommended it I would imagine they dont get any trouble being paid direct.
Advice regarding all of life or so much per condition or so much per year etc. is right too.
Good luck. I always pay for insurance as I cant bear the thought of the money or the dog decision.
Question Author
Thank you everyone. And yes Winny I would never have to make a choice - I would sell the kids before the puppy (only joking - honest!!!!!!!!)
Question Author
Have now gone with M & S as I think the zero excess is a really good idea.

Hope never to have to use it!!
Hi 888sally888, pleased you found something that suited you. Zero excess for a few pence more is great, and I would sell the house before I saw Jack go, but it's good to have "just-in-case" cover.
Winny, they are great :) Glad they've covered you. Most consultations plus medication would come to around �30-40, so zero excess is good. Never had to claim yet; my Vet got a bit ar*ey when I asked that if I had to claim, I could make the claim for payment direct to the Vet, but agreed, if it was necessary. The point of insurance is that it'll pay a lump sum that you don't have readily available. So don't let your Vet bully you into immediate payment if anything happens.

Sorry that was a bit of a rant!

Lisa :) x
I use M&S with no excess, have not had to use them yet but I think it's the best deal around.
We insure our soft coated wheaten terrier through Lloyds TSB, it costs about �9.00 per month with a �50.00 excess. They have just reimbursed us very promptly and without any hassle for a recent course of blood tests and allergy treatment. I wouldn't hesitate to have your pet insured but your quote does seem a bit on the steep side especially with such a high excess.

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