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Thinking Of Getting Another Cat For Company Query.?

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cleoval | 11:03 Fri 21st Jul 2023 | Pets
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Hi I wonder if you could help please.? I have a 5 year old neutered female cat which i have had since she was 1 year old. She is a little timid but has improved in the last few years. I got her from a private house that also had 2 cats but the owner said the cat i now have was n't getting on with them and so he wanted Bella (my cat now) rehomed.She was hissing at the other cats.

Bella had 3 kittens when she was only 1 year old at the other house and I think this might have affected her.

Do you think it is good to get her feline company as she is now an indoor cat.?

If you think it is good, is it better to get a kitten or cat female or male please.? Thanks in advance for helping.


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Scroll down to "If you're getting a new cat" here: See also here:
13:15 Fri 21st Jul 2023
Some cats can be more tolerant of others cats coming into the house than others. However the advice that's usually given is that it's best to avoid having more than one cat in one's home unless they're all from the same litter.

If Bella was hissing at other cats in her territory before, it's extremely unlikely that she'd welcome another cat now. Unlike dogs, cats aren't social animals and they don't welcome company - other than human company that is, of course!
I've never heard that pairs of cats should come from the same litter. I've seen enough examples of first cats tolerating...even bonding with a second cat.
I'd probably go for a male kitten. I've found male cats to be more soft natured and less territorial.
If your cat is happy I would leave well alone.
Barry is right. Cats sometimes tolerate other cats, but rarely like them.

If they don't get on, you have created an unnecessary problem.
I have 7 cats. 2 from the same litter hang out together but the third has bonded with a younger neutered male found abandoned. The other 3 tolerate all the others and have their own preferred places to hang out
you must remember that in the eternal battle betwwen male and female, the female will always "win"
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Thank You Everyone.!
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Thinking Of Getting Another Cat For Company Query.?

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