Should Lilly Have Lived ?

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Canary42 | 13:11 Sat 23rd Oct 2021 | Pets
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Lilly was a friendly, loving playful kitten just like any other! But she had a heart murmur with life expectation of only two years so, against the wishes of her potential owners, Cats Protection Head Office decided she should be killed.

If you’re outraged, perhaps you would like to sign the potential owner’s petition now. If not then sorry for bothering you.


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Trouble is we dont know the full story do we?
No I'm not outraged. There ae plenty of healthy animals needing homes and we don't know how long this kitten would have been able to maintain an acceptable quality of life.
Do we only sign if we’re outraged? What about ‘upset’ or ‘disappointed’ or maybe ‘mildly annoyed’?
Canary, animal charities are in a difficult situation. They have to make difficult decisions all the time. But, in this case, Lilly should have been a chance to live.

That said the petition is directed to the RSPCA and it was the Cats Protection who made the decision to have Lilly euthanased. I will keep an eye on the petition and see if they clarify this.

Frankie was a poorly cat with both Asthma and Kidney disease. His sister, Princess Merlin, was never ill and was a big, strong bully.
Frankie outlived his sister by two years.

Lilly may have lived a long life and she should have been given the chance.
I have had many cats in my life. I have also taken the ones that were unwanted - Basil who was blind in one eye and deaf, had him at the age of 3 (lived till he was 14) Amber who had kidney problems, had her at the age of 6 (lived till she was 12) Willow who only had 3 legs and was blind in one eye, had her at 2 years old (lived till she was 15) Plus Raven who had a heart murmur and was not given a long life expectation, had her at 4 moths old and she is still going strong buut has slowed down and is now age 8.
If someone is willing to take on the care and responsiblility of the animal then why could'nt they? I loved all my cats and they returned it - all gods creatures deserve life if possible.
RIP little Lilly XX
The problem is, this gives only one side of the story, which may or may not reflect all the facts.
Signed. Heart murmurs can be treated with medication. I know someone whose dog has medication for a heart murmur. Poor little thing.
The problem here is that there are hundreds of cats - and dogs- that are waiting for homes. Sometimes difficult decisions have to be made which are bound to upset some people. Rather inflammatory, ' she should be killed'. What good is this petition going to do?
The reason there are hundreds of cats and dogs waiting for homes is because breeders just keep on breeding willy nilly when animal centres are already full with pets desperate for homes! This kitten deserved a chance.
My granddaughters little dog was diagnosed at 5 years old to have a heart murmur and is on tablets . She is 8 years old now and lives an active happy life. When the time comes there will be sadness but no one knows when that time will come. It could be many years.
Sarah...its not just breeders. It's also irresponsible owners who do not have their cats...male or female...neutered/spayed. According to the small rescue I got my stray from, this year there has been an explosion in both the stray population and in the number of kittens produced. Female cat gets pregnant >>abandoned by owners >>>has kittens>>>gets pregnant again almost immediately >>>kittens struggle to survive...and on and on.
Absolute nonsense.Our nieces who were little at the time gave my wife a kitten for Christmas 2005.When we took him for his vaccinations the Vet diagnosed a heart murmur but with no prognosis.Casper died,presumably from a heart attack,January 2019.
I think there must be more to this story. The kitten must have been very ill. Pity we can only see one side of the story.
Canary; are you saying that kittens can be taken away from their 'owners' and euthanised without permission? Sounds a bit implausible to me.
Athiest, I think the story was that some folks had picked out a kitten to adopt, but when it went for its vet check they found a heart murmur so would not let the folks adopt it and had it put down. Considering there is a hefty adoption fee I recking the kitten must have been really poorly for them to make that decision.
Thanks, APG, that clarifies it to me.
According to the petition, she had a Grade 4 heart murmur...they are graded 1 to 6.
Reading the below link...Cats Protection only refers cats to a specialist if a cat is grade 5 or 6.

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Should Lilly Have Lived ?

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