Does Your Dog Look Where It's Going When It's Off Lead?

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ladybirder | 17:52 Tue 26th Oct 2021 | Pets
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Does it try to avoid other people?
In the park today and he's tripping along merrily with his nose to the ground making sure every blade of grass gets sniffed. Also in the Park are loads of people on their mobile phones who never lift their eyes off the screen to check if they're walking into anything or anybody. A chap tutted today when he nearly fell over him. I feel a bit guilty.


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I guess it varies, most of ours were Collie crosses and could weave in and out of most situations.

But as you say, people often don't look around them either.
I wouldn't have felt guilty. It might teach the bloke to watch where he was going.
Don't feel guilty lb, he was probably a dog hater ! My dog looks at everyone because she loves everyone and wants them to make a fuss of her, and it's lovely when they do. Very sociable dog.
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Yes, Collies do that don't they Mamya, I'll change him for one of those tomorrow;-)

I hope so Tilly but he obviously didn't think it was his fault. J had a flashing blue collar on as well as the light was starting to fail. I don't feel guilty anymore. The Dozy so and so.

That's lovely that she's like that BS. J is not interested in anybody, anywhere, even people offering treats other than the guy who lives opposite who takes him out running, his dog walker, then me. In that order. Mind you he does shake and shiver if he loses sight of me when we're out. But he would never approach another person or dog. If a dog comes to him he stands still and lets them sniff for a second and then moves on. Funny boy. But funny and lovely.

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Does Your Dog Look Where It's Going When It's Off Lead?

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