Amazing cure for firework phobic dog

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shivvy | 23:54 Wed 31st Oct 2012 | Pets
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My dog has always been absolutely petrified of fireworks and is so bad that even a small crackling from an open fire in the living room will set her off trembling and hiding which could last for well over an hour. She has always been in a real state for hours at Halloween which is heart breaking.
Tonight she heard one firework go off a number of miles away and she started her frantic shivering and running for cover.

Then I remembered that I bought one of these last year

I put it on her (the first time she had ever worn it) and within 5 minutes she had completely stopped shaking, she had come out of her hiding place and although slightly cautious she was a different girl.
Within 15 minutes she was happy to go outside and stayed outside for half an hour while fireworks went off in the distance all around. She really didn't seem bothered and was happy to take treats from me. Usually she would refuse a sirloin steak if offered when she was in her panic state.

I'm not saying that it will work for every dog but it was an absolute success for my Bella.

I'm absolutely delighted!


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Neve seen anything like that before, glad it worked, does it make the dog feel like it's being cuddled?
Question Author
I think that's the idea rocky. The leaflet that comes with it says:
"A gentle maintained contact around the body acts like a portable hug and creates a calming effect."

It was really unbelievable!
I was singing the praises of these on a thread recently. They are brilliant. So pleased it's working for you and your dog shivvy.
I think that it was Pasta that was looking for something for her little Girl Sally.
Question Author
So you have used them Ladybirder? Aren't they remarkable?

Wolf - I hope Pasta sees this post. Of course it might not work for every dog but it is certainly worth a go.
Do you think it would work for a rescue collie who is terrified about getting into the car (bro's dog)?
AM, give it a try, if it's going to work it will be immediate in my experience.
It almost sounds too good to be true but I'll get one and give it a try. Despite getting tranquillisers from the Vet for my dog it was a bundle of nerves all last night.
Shivvy yes, I found it remarkable. It seems to have the effect of giving comfort to the dog and in our case it was instantaneous. I wouldn't want to use it all the time but just in cases where you know your dog will get stressed.
Sandy I agree it does sound too good to be true and if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it. I do hope it works for you so will you please let us know.
I have a friend who works for a vet and both her dogs are terrified of fireworks. She got them one each of these bodywraps and was thrilled with the results. Yes, they really work. My own dog's fine, or I would definitely get one.
Glad to hear your confirmation that they work chaps. I don't know many people who have bought them BUT those I know who have ALL say they worked.
Many years ago I remember hearing a report on the radio by an unknown (to me) female, who was saying that babies in incubators should be tightly swaddled as during her research she had noticed that they were less distressed and calmer than non-swaddled babies.
Same thing with dogs it seems.
They're amazing aren't they ladybirder ......
Question Author
Annemollie - as Lady suggests I would def give it a try.

Sandy - I know it does sound too good to be true, (and I felt a bit daft buying it to be honest), but I really didn't want to put her on medication. It is well worth a go - it made an incredible difference.

Ladybirder and chaptazbru - Bella is a bit of a nervous nelly so I can't wait to try it on her in other situations. It is fantastic!
If you google pet bodywraps, a lot of alternative sites come up too - what a brilliant idea.
We have no problems but I wonder if you could achieve the same effect with a wide crepe bandage. If so I'll give it a go with a GSD who is very bad with bangs.
Oh...I'm glad I saw this!
What a resonable price these are...I looked at others online a few weeks ago-and with them all around £25-35, it seemed an awful lot to spend on something that may or may not work.
I may order one of these.
Looks like you can,seadogg...I knew I'd seen this somewhere before....
Question Author
seadogg - the one I have is slightly stronger than a crepe bandage but you could certainly give it a go I suppose. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

pasta - glad you spotted this. wolf had said that you might be interested. Good luck to you too.
Thundershirts do the same thing:
My wee dog is going to think the £11.20 the bodywrap costs was money very well spent. There were a few fireworks tonight, though nowhere as bad as Halloween, and the dog ignored them. The real test will come on the 5th but I'm confident that this works.

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Amazing cure for firework phobic dog

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