why dos my cat howl ...

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buzzyb | 11:23 Thu 01st Nov 2012 | Pets
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My seven year old, spayed female cat has a fascination with the loft in my house.

When the hatch is open she will do her best to get into the loft then howls - very loud. The noise is similar to a cat being on heat. She does not appear scared she just sits and howls.

After I have finished in the loft she will sit on the landing looking up.

I have had the loft checked for rodents etc and am pleased to say that is not the problem.

I have another cat and he shows no interest in the loft whatsoever.

I am thinking of having the loft converted but don't think that will be possible because of my cat.

Can anyone offer a suggestion as to why my cat behaves like this?


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You might have a ghost!!!
Why would it stop you having a loft conversion?
Cats are strange creatures. My cat likes the sound of his own voice.
Question Author
My cat never howls any other time and she has a very quiet pathetic meow.

I don't want to go through the expense of a loft conversation and have the problem of her howling when she has the opportunity of going into that space.
She might stop howling once it's converted.
It won't be the same space once it's converted.
Maybe she's howling because she wants it done? They are strange things.
Certainly are, Alba. My cat will only drink out of a glass on the worktop. Won't touch it if we put it on the floor....he'd rather drink out the toilet!
My cat will only drink out of the bathroom sink. weirs things cats, but wonderful pets.
Same as mine. Will only drink filthy water from the bowl in the garden. Strange things.
Needs more exorcise imo.

What's the cat called? Attica?
My last cat used to sit on the windowsill at night and howl - I suspected that he was seeing shadows but ...... who knows?

Cats do things for only one reason - because they want to.
Cats are strange and mythical creatures and we mere mortals will never understand them!!
When she starts to howl all you have to do is point your finger at her and say "NO" - good luck!
Yes, my cat has just fallen asleep cleaning his bum. Looks quite funny...
lol my poor kitty is feeling well sorry for herself after yesterday
Bless her. Does she seem to be in any pain?
Our cat mioux's at my son when its time for bed and accompanies him upstairs. she has her own bed (top bunk) and will only drink water out of her cup on sons bedside table. If anyone comes to stay and dares to sleep on her bed she will sit on their face while they are asleep. She visits the neighbours dogs - one goes scatty as she wafts her tail at it while standing on the garden wall -the other -a staffie -runs away when he sees her -god knows what she's done to him lol!
not really ummm uncomfortable really - the vet did it through her belly rather than the side like normal - apparently that is better as they are not cutting through muscle - but the cut is bigger, will take longer to heel and have you ever tried not letting a cat jump?
Seen in Jokes Section
I dressed my dog up as a cat for Hallowe'en - now it won't do a thing I tell it.

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