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boxtops | 09:33 Thu 16th Feb 2012 | Pets
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For those of you who remember Rover's roving all last summer, and our concern that he would fade away due to his chronic kidney disease:

When he was recovered in December, the vet took bloods and amazingly found his kidney disease was not at all evident - I took him back on Saturday for a check-up, and the vet phoned to say that his bloods are absolutely fine, and he needs no treatment at all.

We don't understand how, but his kidney disease has resolved. We can only think that a high-protein diet across the summer, with lots of live meat, must have given him some sort of detox. It's hard to believe, but he's fine!


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That is very good news i am pleased
May be that is his providence - in that he knew he was unwell and disappeared to cat-heal himself?...... And yes, perhaps the all-protein diet a Puss-C-atkins diet.
I'm very happy for you both.
Funny because protein is the bad thing for kidneys I wonder if he found an illicit supply of something else like an owner putting out a low protein dog food
That's really strange but very good news. It's a shame no one will ever know how he did it but Rover has discovered a cure for kidney disease.
I wonder if he'd been chewing some herbs ... anyway its amazing and looks like you will have him for a whole lot longer now.
Question Author
Rowan, could be - I wish he'd had a video camera! - he was found a couple of miles from where he went missing, backing on to farm fields, so he'd obviously Roved a fair way - including negotiating the busiest roundabout on the A2 to get there (passing McDonalds on the way, of course...)
I am glad that he is keeping well. Is he back to 'normal' or is he fitting into the pack/pride without causing too much upset. I sometimes feel that there is a whole war going on between Frankie and Merlin - and I am just too stupid to see the signs.

So - did you knobble/nobble nibble? I wasn't sure if he was just a friend or he was your OH. I hope his knee gets better soon - I tore the ligaments in my knee a few years back (slipped on black ice!) and there was so many things that I couldn't do. It was agony.

I didn't sleep last night and feel really cr@p this morning (I think that I have the plague) so I am off to bed for a bit - or until young Frankie gets the munchies.

Take care.
thats brilliant news :-)
Fantastic news. Although possibly not a cure to be recommended ;)
Hi boxy, pleased for you and yours,
Best thing Rover did was passing McDonalds, no good for man nor beast, I have had two in my lifetime, 20 yrs apart, and yes, the second one was just as bad as I remember the first one to have been.
Our son was "adopted" by a stray moggie months ago. It has now taken over the bed and lives like a king. Doesn't surprise me therefore that Rover did well and v. pleased for you both.
thats is brilliant news xx
Very good news boxtops, glad he has suffered no ill effects from his "adventure"
Cool! :c)
I pleased that Rover is well but I'm still missing my Noisy. (Not seen for 16 days now)
Question Author
Oh chris - no Noisy? -that is hard for you. I hope his "owners" haven't moved. It's a horrible feeling when a furry person is missing.
Aww thats great news boxtops. Good old Rover!
Lucky Rover, great news.

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