How to stop dog barking in car

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spotit3 | 04:25 Sun 05th Feb 2012 | Pets
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I have a miniature poodle whom I have managed to get reasonably well trained so far. My big problem is travelling in the car. As soon as I open the car she happily jumps in. She doesn't make a sound until I drive off. Then she starts to bark and keeps it up incessantly until I reach my destination. This is really annoying. I have had advice from various trainers but nothing has helped so far. One suggested putting her in a bed in the boot so that she couldn't see other traffic but it made no difference. I am in the car on my own when we travel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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What advice have you tried so far?
I know you can get plug-ins for the house that release hormones that relax dogs for fireworks etc, maybe there is something similar for a car? I was going to suggest a water pistol, but that's not such a great idea when you are the one driving.
JJust had a quick look on google and there is a pheromone collar which might be worth looking into. Good luck with it, my mum's collie does the same thing and it is more than slightly annoying!
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I have tried her inside the car and in the boot. She is less of a distraction to me in the boot! I have tried leaving her favourite toys, chews etc to no avail, she just ignores them. I don't shout at her as I know she will regard this as me paying attention to her and then will continue barking. It is very annoying as sometimes I am going for a message and would love to take her for a run in the fields after but I can only stand o much of the barking in the car in one day. She is such a brilliant dog in other ways, she is soon to be assessed as a Dogs for Therapy role.

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I forgot to say that the only time she is in the car is when I am heading to open ground to give her a good free run. She seems to know this as she is so keen to jump in which makes the barking even harder for me to understand.
Sounds like she's got herself into a right state, unfortunately this has now become habit and can be very difficult to break. She could have started this because she was frightened or excited by being in the car, the strange movement and things whizzing past. If she doesn't already have one get her used to a crate firstly indoors then move it to the car. You want to try putting her in the crate in the car for a few minutes preferably with a cover over it so she can only see to the front. Do not talk to her, do not make a fuss. The key thing is to stay calm and keep her calm she associates the car with getting stressed and over stimulated you need to break that association. Once she's happy spending longer and longer periods doing that you then need to start the engine. The instant she starts barking turn it off and walk away. You need to repeat this again and again increasing the time you can leave the engine running for a few minutes. Then actually go out for a drive to the end of the road and back, then round the block etc etc. It will take a lot of patience and won't happen overnight.
Does she get excited before leaving the house, do you add to that excitement by doing the "walkies" thing. Do not leave the house while she is in this state, she must be calm and relaxed before doing anything. do not put her in the car whilst showing any signs of excitement and once in the car do not drive off while she is in this state, every time she starts getting excited you must stop and let her calm down before moving on. it can take a long time but it is worth persevering. Good luck.
My daughter works at an animal rescue centre and has to transport all kinds of animals around, usually on her own , and she says all animals in a cage, covered with a blanket if necessary, travel calmly.
Ok well if the only time she gets to go in the car is when you take her for a run then she's bound to get excited. Training her as I mentioned already should help as she won't get the outcome she's expecting. You could also try just taking her with you when you pop out for milk, go for a paper etc etc quick journeys with no reward for her.
I watched a documentary some years back about a K9 team. Every time the police guy put his siren on the dog started barking in time to the noise - getting all excited about his work. No help to you at all but your post reminded me of the programme.

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Thanks to everyone and I will try the tips suggested. Rattyratgirl, She would sit in the cat quietly all day as long as I don't start the engine and Ratty15 she does not seem overly excited when she gets into the car, just jumps in and lies down, then I start the engine and awy she goes. I had thought of the crate but didn't want to waste the money if it didn't works. Looks like I will have to give it a try. Will keep you all posted on how it goes.
Perhaps you can borrow a cage just to give it a try?
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Unfortunately, Khandro, I don't know anyone who has one but intend to check tomorrow re prices and if they are affordable I will get one.
Try Dog Health they have some very good cheap cages and do a great delivery service. http://www.doghealth....tweight-economy-cages

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How to stop dog barking in car

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