why do people dress up their pets?

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Zhukov | 14:25 Wed 08th Feb 2012 | Pets
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Another crazy idea from America,that is starting to catch on here!


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because they're idiots

i get putting a coat on a dog when its a short hair as they do get cold, but the costumes?? murph would flay me if i tried it
14:30 Wed 08th Feb 2012
cute photos for facebook I suspect also if the pet is a child substitute it may be more likely,

also a display of unneccesary consumption ie I can afford to waste my money in this way
I couldn't possibly say for fear of persecution..
because they're idiots

i get putting a coat on a dog when its a short hair as they do get cold, but the costumes?? murph would flay me if i tried it
I have 2 Dobies, they have very short (natural) coats, and as we walk mainly on the Coast they have wind/waterproof coats for bad weather as they really dont have a lot of natural protection, as for anything else- no way!
nah it was the egyptians. bastet had dresses and earrings and lots of hats.
As Baldric says some dogs have short coats and can get cold - especially as they get older. My last dog used to get iced-up pads and needed bootees.

It would be suicide to put clothing on most felines - but it is sold. I saw a little pink tu-tu for my little Princess. I can't imagine any cat agreeing to wearing a tu-tu.

Although I'd be quite up for it if I thought it would upset Eric and I wouldn't get hurt in the process... that little red riding hood one looks just like him.
i hate seeing animals dressed up.... they never look happy or dont seem to :(
That made me laugh...

I can't imagine Brian keeping a wig on....
The red riding hood cat looks just about ready to attack.

I took a look at the wigs - I pointed to them and Princess Merlin said "eek" and bolted.

What about these things for your little pussy cats?
It even extends to humans dressing in things with dogs on them - such as in front of your wife, Philip.
i hadn;t actually looked at the link

that cat in the red riding hood outfit looks like it wants to kill
Because the owners really want children as Rowan says. I am guilty of buying a santa suit and a football shirt for my 2 small boys. It was only for one off occasion and the eldest wouldn't have any of it and just sat and sulked, the other one didn't care. I wouldn't try to dress them everyday that's just wrong in my opinion. Rain coats and jumpers for elderly dogs are a different matter but trying to turn your dog into a human child is wrong and asking for a dog with behavoural problems. Dogs are animals and if you really love them you should treat them as such.
>>rattyratgirl >>> please tell me you didn't dress your rats up in a football shirt and santa suit.

My kitties are my best friends and my furrybairns - but they are cats and that is why I love them. They don't care about anyone but themselves - I know where I am in the household hierarchy (bottom).

Not something I would do normally, although my oldies wear a fleece coat in the icy weather, but these dogs are very unlikely to end up dumped on the streets or in a rescue centre and I know what I would prefer for a puppy of mine.
My mum's Yorkie used to wear a coat in the winter - a nice red sweater it was - he loved it but it was only used in the winter as he didn't have a thick coat. Can imagine what would happen if I tried to dress up our cats? shredded!!!
Well there you go, If people call cats and dogs 'boys' then it is not surprising that they get confused and buy human style clothing for them.
No Wolf not my rats lol, even if I wanted to (which I don't) I didn't think I'd find anything to fit them. But I was wrong....
BTW Jomifl they are boys too.
Ratty, I must have misunderstood you, are you saying that you were refering to two human children when you referred to 'boys'? I thought this thread was about dressing up pet animals(other than human).
Well the coats look functional, the wigs are for a photoshoot as cant see a cat keeping a wig on for long. My sons girlfriend has a bumble bee outfit for their pug, and they love him to bits, he doesnt seem to mind one bit.

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