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Our Beautiful cat...

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Jemisa | 16:40 Tue 03rd May 2011 | Pets
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Jemisa We have a rescue cat, she is beautiful a lovely silvery/blue tabby but tab is only on the bottom half of her. Not long after we got her we realised she bites, not a gentle bite but a viscious bite. She punctured my hand in 5 places of which one became infected, I had to have a course of antibiotics and a tetanus jab.
She won't let you pick her up She'll Bite you. Even if you stroke her she'll bite. We thought she'd settle down but she hasn't. She likes to be out and will go missing for 3 - 4 days, she comes back for food but then is off again
I can't have the cat in at the same time as the G/children are here too risky.
She will settle on your lap but if you move she'll have you. Today once again she bit my H, drew blood and we have to be careful.

The Question is, do we take her back to the RSPCA because this is getting us down, & I'm soo sorry its like this I really want to love her but I can't touch her. Our other cat was such a loving and touchy feely cat but this oneis deffo is not.

What shall I do?? We've been in contact with a cat behaviourist, she said at 5 she doesn't think she can help.



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Jemisa - phone the rehoming centre, if they can't help then maybe they will take her back. If you have only had her a couple of weeks maybe give her a bit longer to settle.

As you have found out that little bundle of cute fur can inflict nasty injuries. My lady cat is pretty unpredictable but she has mellowed over time.

If she is 5 she is unlikely to change. She might be happier living on a farm killing little furry things.

I put this answer on the other thread - but thought that I had better put it her too.

Sorry Jem but I agree with wolf here. We rehomed two cats which were twin brothers. One was just like you describe yours and the other was really soft and liked to be stroked and cuddled. We tried to persevere with the viscious one but he just did not like to be touched and as we lived in a flat just started to stay out longer and finally moved in with neighbours down the road where he could come and go as he pleased. I too think she would perhaps be happier on a farm where she could roam as she liked.
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We've had her a year now Wolfy, keep giving her chances its soo bad now that we just let her in and let her out theres no cat stuff, I've never heard her purr or rub against your legs,will meaow to go out, can't brush her or stroke her, you're dicing with death if you do.
I'm a bit concerned if we take her to the RSPCA that they might put her down. I wouldn't want that. Yes, a farm would be good.Awww! look at your one on the avatar, I bet you can cuddle her.
My avatar is Frankie de Tom Cat - he is asthmatic and has to have an inhaler three times a day. He has a lovely nature but still I am covered in scratches from trying to 'convince' him that the inhaler is good for him. This is his blog. ;-)

Princess Merlin (his sister) is stupid and vacant - and when I got her she bit me a few times - I was wary of going near her. But she isn't a bad cat - just isn't quite with us.

I hope you get thing sorted out. Cat bites can be dangerous - as you found out!
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Thanks Wolfy and Jan, I've been on to the Homing people but couldn't get through, they're phoning back. I've been on to the vet & they sugest a tranquiliser, I don't want her on drugs for the rest of her life. I'll phone the RSPCA tomorrow.
I'm a bit concerned because I've been on chemotherapy and it affects the immune system & I can't fight off infections like I should, another bite could be nasty for me.

Time will tell, I'll let you know the outcome.

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Aw, Jemisa, I'm so sorry to hear about the problems you've got with your lovely cat. I have 5 of the little darlings and one of them (aged almost 15) hates all the others, but loves my dogs. Her sister bites, but affectionately. One of my other girls, aged about 6 (I'm not entirely sure, as I took her in as a pregnant stray) is a very scary cat and only my son can stroke her and make a fuss, as she has a go at me and son's girlfriend. She knows where her bread's buttered, though, so to speak, and is a real home puss. Her daughter, aged 5, is absolutely adorable. The last one, Mischa, was a cruelty case and I took her in when she was only a tiny kitten. She's only got 3 legs and has no tail. I'm the only human in the world she trusts and she snuggles up with me, under the duvet, every night. They're all little individuals and I really hope you find a good solution for your little one. I'm so sorry to hear about your health problems, too - I guess this is the last thing you need. Good luck - K xx
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Kleiber, You sound as if you've got a lovely little family there. I miss my Cat cuddles, The contented purring and those cheeky looks of our other cat who sadly died 2 years ago. This one was to fill the yearning feeling but I seem to have come unstuck.She is a beautiful cat & I want to love her but she won't let me.

I phoned the RSPCA today & they said to bring her in at any time, but is that what I want? I really don't know, My H said "are you going to wait until she bites again?" I'm in a quandry,I'm feeling soo guilty because I really do want her.

One of my cats is a biter, jem - he's long haired and I find that when his coat gets matted, he won't let me groom him because it hurts. He was very wild when we had him, because when he was a kitten he never had any peace, and would lash out at any time. He still latches onto my arm when he's in a bad mood, but I know what you mean about being unpredictable. In your condition with your state of health, I don't think you can afford to keep a biter - she might start going for your ankles. She obviously doesn't like being handled, we don't know what might have happened to her before she was rescued, it's a misplaced defence mechanism.
Sad thought it is, and I would hate it, I think you'll have to let her go. She might be happy in a different environment. Every cat's different. Let us know how you get on ♥
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Boxi, I hear what you're saying and thankyou. I know a decision has to be made soon.
At the mo she's curled up asleep on the armchair & looks soo sweet.> > > >

your cat Jem sounds like a very independant cat, I would feed her and let her roam and when she comes in just ignore her and let her do her own thing., she obviously doesnt like to be petted or touched.Pls dont think I am being rude but has the vet examined her maybe it hurts when you touch her ? I do hope she doesnt have to go back as I doubt she will find another home but you must do whats best for you and your family.

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Our Beautiful cat...

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