National Lottery advert "running"

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Francis Asis | 18:47 Mon 09th Jul 2012 | Adverts
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Can anyone tell me who does the voiceover in this ad please.



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Could be Jane Horrocks? Not sure , but a lovely ad.
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Thanks Maidup. I'll tell you who it sounds like to me. In Doctor Who there was an episode called "blink" With weeping Angels. And there was a woman at the beginning called Kathy Nightingale and she was zapped in to the past by the angels and sent her friend a letter in the future. And the voice reading that letter sounds the same as this
Not sure on v/o

If it's any help, film is called 'Dreams' written by AMV BBDO's Alex Grieve, inspired by the story of Jenny Meadow's mum.

It was produced by Academy and directed by Martin De Thurah.
Singularly bad timing because Jenny Meadow was, most unexpectedly, not selected for the 800m in the forthcoming Olympic Games.....
if it's the ad i think it is, it seems odd to me. The ad shows the mum as a girl and implies it's during the war imo with the plane going accross. If the mum was, say six, at the end of the war she would have been born in the 1930's. Surely someone who is young enough to be a competitive runner can't possibly have a mum who was born nt he 30's?
it doesn't mention the war - it's a civilian aircraft

i think the implication is 1950s for her childhood
. . and at 30seconds in the link, there is a 1960's Ford Cortina in blue . . .
ok gotcha
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She still looks too old to be that girl's mum though

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National Lottery advert "running"

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