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Why We Don't Explain Why, Who and How Your Questions Are Reported And Removed

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AB Editor | 09:39 Fri 23rd Apr 2010 | Editor's Blog
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Dear All,

It has come to my attention that there is a growing trend of users asking "Why was my question removed?" or "Why was my question reported?"

Please understand, we will not be responding to questions like this.

Questions are reported by other users - we have no control over this. Questions we remove are removed because they transgress site rules.

Official: All Appeals Will Fall On Deaf Ears (Unless It Is Clearly A Mistake On Our Part).

There is simply no need to be worried about your removed post count, or the amount of questions reported. If you're account is still active, you're doing okay! Please do not consider it a "smear on your character" to have questions removed.

I just wanted to put this out there to try and nip this trend in the bud.

Apologies for being grumpy.

Spare Ed


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Spare Ed....this is nothing new.
Well aren't we a little ray of sunshine this morning... ;oP
Quite right Ed, you tell em!

(unless of course the question or answer is mine, then I'll complain loudly and often)

And I approve of the grumpiness- it's a very misunderstood state to be in.
I've never worried about my stats tbh. I've never been banned, so that's all that matters to me.
Question Author
Yep, sorry about that China.

Ummm. I know, but I wanted to reiterate it for those who many not be acutely aware.

On the plus side. It is a lovely day.

Spare Ed
Question Author
Ta for the support B00!

NoM - quite right.
Oh good Mr Spare Ed - I do so hate my character being besmirched.... I can sleep soundly now.

Yours sincerely, Miss 134 items removed. x
So why have my questions been removed again?
You just need more coffee Ed.... you'll be right after that. Works for me anyway, helps me stay grumpy but focused and slightly buzzing... Think it's actually time for my second cup actually.
People like to have a moan....

They moaned when the sub topics were introduced
They moaned when we got the latest posts box
They moaned when it went over to the new AB
They moaned about avatars
Now some are moaning they don't like the avatars
Question Author
Salla, All yours are kept in the tower.


Question Author
Yours were removed when we updated our Anti-Irony software Chuck.

China. Quite right. Coffee may be the Answer. Although I think I need to come off it soon. It is becoming a bit "medicinal" at the moment.

Ummm. I promise to keep my moaning down to a minimum.

Question: Do any of you use RSS feeds?

Question Author
PS. I now have more coffee
RSS Feeds?
Can you order an RSS feed from the indian? Because if so I think it upset NM's tummy...
I don't generally use RSS feeds other than for server warnings, but if you want to try an AB RSS feed out I'd be happy to try it.
What issit?
Really Stupid Squestions, is that? - we get quite a few of them sometimes!

Thanks Ed though, I think new people don't always realise that posting to a thread which is later zapped means their own count goes up, even though their own input might have been quite innocuous. I certainly didn't (but I also try now to avoid the ones that look a bit iffy, but sometimes I just can't help myself!)
Question Author
We're going to pop some on next week Chuck. You should be able to feed anything from where there is a list. So this should include:

User pages
Individual threads

Quite a basic set-up, but it could lead to good things in the future.

As you can tell we're still building the foundations of this whole thing.

Spare Ed
PS - just a hypothetical question - if you felt that a particular poster was being victimised and their posts were all being reported whether or not they transgressed (perhaps by one person who didn't like them), how do you deal with that, please?

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Why We Don't Explain Why, Who and How Your Questions Are Reported And Removed

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