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"Racism And Hate Speech"

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Untitled | 12:47 Tue 16th Apr 2024 | Editor's Blog
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in a post on a now deleted thread the editor said the following:

"Nobody is above reprieve when it comes to racism or hate speech; it will simply not be tolerated on AB. "

could you please elaborate?

the site rules mention only "material that discriminates" in rule 6... and to be quite honest i would say that racism and hate speech is not very difficult to find on the website especially as it is often presented under a very thin veil indeed

i appreciate i run the risk of suspension but i think it is worth asking



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Would it not be 'reproof'?

Is it this post?

Beyond this message, I will not be weighing in and adding any further comment on remarks made in this thread - or that which it references - some of which are, quite frankly, revolting.

What I will do is be clear on one point: this thread is now over. This subject is to be dropped from this and all other threads; those parties who flout this will find themselves suspended, Moderator or otherwise. Nobody is above reprieve when it comes to racism or hate speech; it will simply not be tolerated on AB. at 23:16

What is to me clear is that hate speech is an inherently subjective, culturally dependent, and is socially contextual in communication. If I say I hate Vladimir Putin (which I do)  & the AB 'judge' agrees, will it stand?

'Hate speech' is a wooly, catch-all phrase invented for censors and those who know what's best for us.

They've always done so well in the past after all.

Apart from thinking the correct phrase should be 'above reproach' (and we can all get things slightly wrong when het up) plus the actual thread it was placed on has gone, it wasn't Naomi's as linked I do agree that 'hate speech' is a nigh on impossible thing to define on this site with clear boundaries on where that starts and ends. Khandro's example is a perfect one.

IMO this has just opened up more opportunity for inconsistenty across the site. What exactly falls under the heading of hate speech (which implies it's inciting others to be the same)  rather than saying you hate something.

I hate olives.....

Me too, on the other hand I do like the odd public ruler across the knuckles when some start believing their own publicity.

Calms the horses donchaknow.

      // I hate olives.....  ///   

Oh Dear.......Black (O) lives Matter. Prudie           

There you go then  - hate and racism in 3 words and I didn't even mean to :-)

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"Racism And Hate Speech"

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