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AuntPollyGrey | 10:38 Fri 31st Jan 2020 | Editor's Blog
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My question is does the editorial staff review all reports, or only those that have been followed through and the post deleted or the user suspended? Surely if the staff only review those reports that have been acted on, then the system is open to abuse by moderators who will be prepared to ignore reports against their friends.
On a recent thread someone made derogatory comments about how some people report . They could only be privy to this information by being told by a moderator. What is in place to prevent moderators sharing Reports with their AB buddies?


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Moderators don't see reports.
Question Author
How do you know?
APG, They don't see reports.
We review every action that our moderators take. We also review every report that is made.
Question Author
So when I report spam no one sees it? How does it get zapped then?
its not in their remit apparently
APG ^^^^
//My question is does the editorial staff review all reports,//
The ed’s Read all the reports
mods can’t read any
Question Author
AB spare editor . So if someone reports someone at 11pm and nothing is done about it , its still reviewed by staff in the orning? Why have a moderator then?
APG, if a mod sees spam he or she will zap it.
Question Author
If moderators can't read reports then how on earth can they decide if a thread or post warrants deletion?

Why bother to report anything?
Surely it must be that if you report spam, the Eds will see it. But meanwhile mods may find the spam themselves.
APG, why all this interest on moderators?
Why not, danny? They're instrumental to the running of the site.
Haven't all these questions been answered time and again?

As I understand it the Moderators police the site as and when they are present, dealing with stuff in 'real-time' whereas the Editorial staff deal with things which are Reported, etc. but only on a 9-5 (ish) basis which is when they are working at Gnome Towers.
Mods obay the Site Rules and remove posts that don't. Nothing more to it surely?
Question Author
Danny, because having secret police on a forum does not promote confidence and is open to abuse. This is a follow on from my popular thread yesterday 'What's happening to AB'.
When you use the report functionality, a report goes directly to our email inbox. Moderators don't have access to this.

All reports and actions received after 5pm will be reviewed the following morning. Any reports made after 5pm on a Friday will be reviewed on Monday morning.
Question Author
JTH 'as I understand' lol! come on ... this is exactly what I'm talking about...….
This site would not exist without moderators who kindly volunteer their time despite the almost constant flack they get.

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