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MargoTester | 16:36 Tue 29th Aug 2017 | Editor's Blog
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7 times in the last hour this has appeared and it's getting very annoying. Can anything be done about it please.


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Question Author
Just happened again!
The service to where is temporarily unavailable?
People have been struggling with similar for a while the advice is if you post a link make it non clickable by altering the beginning.
A mention from Ed here.

Always a good idea to post a 'Live' Link to a possible Spam Article.
This is a better link Margo - if you scroll down to 9.04 and follow Ed's advice when posting dodgy links.

Once you've read this perhaps ask for this one to be removed and repost with that done.

Looks like trt has already opened it.

Thanks Ed.
hi marge
thx for this
hey ABers and usual suspects - there is a similar pop up hijackie thing lurking behind paypal.....

and so you slip off the pay pal site and end up giving credit cards details to .... whomever.
They got away wiv £40 - yeah forty knicker
and so you have to change your credit cards (which we did)
and wait and raise a complaint with the credit card company after 14 d. big big hassle

you have been warned !
Question Author
I'm probably being extremely thick here (nothing new) but I have no idea what anybody means. Have I done something wrong?
Your original link was clickable which could have caused issues for others - Ed has sorted it.

If you ever post a link to something you want her attention to - change it as explained in the link I gave above.
Question Author
Thanks Mamya - I was looking at my link for the http bit not realising Ed had aleady fixed it - doh
just cjange one letter in the address
Marj my swete

yo will notice that google now has ww. in front of it instead of www.

computers arent good at "nearest guess stuff"
or change http to hwwp....

you can never do anything wrong in my eyes ....

The Ed removed "http://w" from your original link so it no longer works if someone clicks on it.
Question Author
PP xxxxxxx
Balders - light had already dawned ^ 15.03

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