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Answerbank Redesign: Update #2

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AB Editor | 16:51 Mon 25th Jul 2016 | Editor's Blog
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Good afternoon,

A quick update:

1. The AB development site is looking really good. Very close to our designs. It's much more readable and elegant. It should be able to win most of you over :)

2.Right now we're doing our internal tweaks to the design now we've seen it in the flesh. And then we're sorting out the adverts, ensuring our friends at the ad companies are happy with it.

3. Then we'll invite you to come and have a look at the development site and have some fun actually using the new site, pre-production.

I don't want to put a time on when we'll be able to extend our initiations to you all, but it shouldn't be too long.

It would be great if you could let me know whether you'd like to be contacted specifically for the beta test beforehand. Just say so in an answer below, and we'll put you on the VIP list.

All the best,

AB Editor


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G'Afternoon Ed, I am flattering myself by thinking that this thread could be as a result of my last posting to you which is published in the 'Related Questions' below.

Hopefully, AB will become even better to 'surf' than it is at present; although I am Not grumbling about it's present Lay-out.

Please put me on you list of Beta Testers. ( Sounds good what I have just said......Well it sounds like Better Testers.)

Hans. ☺☺☺
Question Author
Tuvok - interesting feedback! I hadn't really though that it could be too graphical. Often designers and developers use this kind of thing to give a greater sense of ownership.

I think we need to see what it looks like when we've got people using it - it might look messy "in the flesh"?
Question Author
Yes Hans, it's all your fault :)

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Answerbank Redesign: Update #2

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