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jake-the-peg | 16:31 Tue 17th Dec 2013 | Editor's Blog
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You know what I'm talking about!


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emmie, jake's said why he chose the avatar: it was in response to one that glorifies Thatcher and which is still around. Having Savile on his own would have been completely different. I thought it was a valid point to make, but as I'm sick of the sight of Savile I don't really mind that it's gone.
Was it TRT that started it? It was probably the dodgy title.

I can bring it back if you think there's mileage in it?

The title of the thread was "Muslims Are At It Again, Why Dont....."

It still shows up on peoples' profiles, but we can't view the thread. If you go to my profile (or anyone else who contributed to it), click on 'Answers' and in my case go to about the 6th or 7th one down.

The title is sort of inflammatory (I mean, to be honest, the question itself was actually put quite badly but the discussion that came from it was really good).
If you re-instated it, I'm not actually sure the discussion would rekindle as it was probably getting to its natural end anyway. But it would still be nice to be able to read it - lots of ABers put time and thought into some quite good answers.

And I don't know if it's just me that is this sad, but I often go back and read through good threads....
I would just like to echo Kromos sentiments regarding that thread - Despite the inflammatory title of the thread itself, there were some good posts, and some well-reasoned points raised in it. It would be nice just to be able to access it again from time to time.
prhaps the Ed could simply change the title to "A reasoned discussion of..."
Well that's the thread back, now for the answers?
right, I'm up to page 2 and still haven't found any replies that I can read, but I'll kep at it...
Yep... on the way :)
really, it might have been better to delete the question and leave the answers...
Only just caught this thread, knew nothing of the furore over the avatar.
What a pathetic excuse for wanting to use a picture of JS though.
Shall we use pics of Stuart Hall, Ian Watkins or Adolf Hitler?
I don't particularly care if the picture of JS had Mrs T, Mother Teresa or the Virgin Mary next to him!
As for the OP title, it does make one wonder who actually makes the decisions on this site!
Can I get my thread re-instated please, the one that got to 200 posts before it was pulled, instead of just deleting the offending post?
It was the one about Tourette's sufferers performing karaoke on youTube and had turned into a good debate, couple of months back.

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Ed, You Are Such A Coward

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