How do obtain a french birth certificate and new passport

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charlie82 | 15:41 Mon 10th Jan 2011 | Travel
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Hi there. My brother is 17 and has lost his passport. He was born in France as our mother was living there at the time but came to live here straight away. To apply for a new passport, he needs his birth certificate but my mother has lost it. Does he definately need his birth cert' to apply for a new passport (after losing one), if so how does he obtain a new birth Cert'? (he had a full british passport). Sorry to be long winded. Thanks for any help.


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"The supporting documents you need to replace a passport
As well as the application form, fee and photos, you should send IPS:

a Lost or Stolen (LS01) Notification form (if this applies and you have not already sent it)
the damaged passport (if this applies)
IPS may ask you to supply further documents such as birth or marriage certificates
The French Consulate website is rather unhelpful. It states:
"To obtain a complete copy of your birth certificate, you can, if you were born in France, contact the town of your place of birth. The request can be made on-line, click here".
The problem is that there's no link where it says 'click here'!!!

I suggest contacting the Consulate directly:

The French Consulate website is rather unhelpful.

Now why am I not surprised at that!
Don't know how to do a Gallic shrug on AB.

Write a letter to the Office of the Mayor (La Mairie) if you are a French citizen seeking a French birth certificate. Include your birth date, full name at birth, birth place and your parents' full names, including your mother's maiden name. Send your letter plus a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Monsieur le Maire, Bureau de l'Etat-Civil,
Mairie de Boulogne sur Mer,
62200 Boulogne sur Mer, France

There is no fee.

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How do obtain a french birth certificate and new passport

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