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woodelf | 21:31 Sun 29th Aug 2010 | Travel
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I know this is a daft question, but then a daft person is asking it, so probably Lottie may be able to answer it, knowing how daft I where, maybe, in Norfolk would be a nice place to stay so one could see those glorious skies and be in the countryside too?...maybe hotel or B and B or similar? Not much to go on, I know, but...? Ta Muchly.


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The Feathers Inn at Holt or The Victoria Hotel in Holkham. Both are lovely and both will let you see the biggest skies anywhere in the UK. A walk on Holkham beach is a must - it was the scene for the opening credits of Kingdom on TV - so you might have seen it before. Enjoy!!
Woodelf, I love your questions (and I enjoy answering them) but you sometimes leave me a little confused because I'm wondering how someone who is blind can enjoy glorious skies? Or perhaps you've got a secret companion whom you've forgotten to mention in your previous posts?

My reference to a possible companion isn't just out of idle curiosity. If you're planning on visiting East Anglia on your own it would presumably be helpful if the location was reasonably close to a railway station but that's obviously unimportant if somebody else will be driving. (Actually, having read about all of the other things you do, I wouldn't really be too surprised if you told me that you were planning on driving to Norfolk on your own!).

Holt, as mentioned by Echokilo is a delightful town, with a very 'upmarket' feel to it. While it qualifies as a 'country town' it's not really 'countryside' so I'm not sure whether it meets with your requirements. It can be accessed by rail by taking the National Express East Anglia train from Norwich to Sheringham and then going to the adjacent Poppy Line station for the journey to Holt, which is often steam-hauled.

Holkham is a very pleasant coastal village. The Victoria Hotel has a good reputation and is in easy walking distance of the beach (although getting there does involve crossing the busy A149 coast road).

Burnham Market is another really nice little town in North Norfolk. The Railway Inn has lots of good reviews:

However I hate having to recommend anywhere in Norfolk. To get there from Basingstoke you'll have to go through a far finer county, Suffolk. Can you guess where I live?

Question Author
Smile....Hi Chris, I don't have a secret companion and in fact, if you've seen my website you'll see her there, helping me with the mixing of my colours and being, in general, my emanuensis in those physically impossible art tasks (well, mostly) and in other things too and in fact, some of the questions I do ask are on her behalf, especially the sighted ones, as with the skies, in which she is interested, as she is an artist too. She would also describe the skies and the countryside, but with the latter I can feel this in a way, by walking it and feeling it under my feet...rough tracks and paths, etc touching stone walls and trees etc. But as she cannot drive, the necessity of being in or near a village or town is more important than being really out in the country, which we both regret because we love the countryside and in all its aspects too, not only when the sun shines and Autumn is both our favourite season. I could, however, like the painting Stoney Road, do it by myself and I could get anywhere by myself, but I wouldn't be able to enjoy it as I wouldn't know where to start or rather to know where to go, so to a large extent, she (Pam) is my eyes.
I hope I didn't give the impression that I was deceiving you or anyone.
I guess from your enormous clue that you live in Suffolk which, of course, is Constable country and also has those great skies!
Hello Woodelf Big Smile

Personally Woodelf I would concentrate around the sweeping rolling countryside of North West Norfolk if you want to see the proper skies, East of Kings Lynn. Much nicer in my opinion than the more pretentious Holt area and far less crowed. Burnham Market nowadays is called Chelsea on Sea, is hellishly expensive and full of 4 wheel drives - one big carpark at this time of the year. It used to be lovely. Sorry Chris, this isn't meant to disrespect your advice. The Hoste Arms is full of celebrities.

Also try the area around Castle Acre and the Nar Valley, absolutely beautiful (and very near me). I can't recommend accomodation. I only live here but have never stayed here.

I will have more of a think during the day.

Many hugs, big smile

A link to Castle Acre for your Lady friend

Oh and EchoKilo is right about Holkham Beach - magnificent, but unless you are loaded avoid the Victoria Hotel

Or even smile

Try Rose Fit house in Hunstanton.

Hunstanton is the only town in East Anglia that faces WEST (it is on the Wash) and the sun sets over the sea in front of it.

People bring their chairs out in the evening and take them to the front just to watch the sunsets.

The main bed room in Rose Fit house faces the sea and you can lie on the bed and watch the sunsets.
If you don't drive, there is a cracking good bus service called the coasthopper that runs from Cromer to King's Lynn. It also seems to run all year round, but with a few extra buses in summer. You could use that and stay in several north norfolk hotels / b n bs
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Very Many Thanks Lottie...hugs, smiles and kisses...for your very valued information and thumbnail sketches equal up the North/South Folk divide, all I need now is Chris's Many Thanks too to VHG, Echo and Mosaic...Hunstanton sounds nice VHG, especially those sunsets!
Question Author
Oh yeah...and where would be suitable for Christmas under those massive skies and is it really really cold at Christmas in Norfolk....and Suffolk too my idea this one!
'Sunny Hunny', as Hunstanton likes to be promoted, is indeed a nice town. It's got no great history to it as the town didn't really exist before the coming of the railways. It's the only East Coast seaside town which faces west, so it's the only one where you can get great sunsets over the sea. The southern end is the 'down market' part, with a rather tatty funfair and sprawling caravan sites. The small town centre has quite a good range of shops and some excellent pubs. Heading northwards takes you up the cliffs to Old Hunstanton, which is set around the small village which preceded the relatively modern town.

The Bays Guest House (which is centrally located) has 69 stunning reviews here:

Their website is here:

Hunstanton is accessed on public transport by taking a direct train from Kings Cross to Kings Lynn. (NB: It's sometimes essential to ensure that you travel in the front 4 coaches, as the train divides at Cambridge with only the front part going forward to Kings Lynn). Then take the number 35 bus from the rail station to Hunstanton. You can buy a rail ticket with 'Hunstanton' as the destination, including the bus journey. The Bays Guest House is close to Hunstanton bus station.

Woodelf - may I just say - I so admire your positive attitude and the fact you enjoy your life is so many ways. I only hope that if my eyesight ever deteriorates beyond my current very shortsighteness which is manageable with strong lenses, I will be able to share your experiences - sight is very precious to me. Every time you post I feel how positive you are. ♥
Question Author
Me?...positive? bet I'm positive Boxtops, they plug me in every morning and I just keep going until the batteries run it's either that or I'd go need to answer that one! dunner worry, I'm okay really, in fact I wrote the lyrics to 'I can see clearly now' for Johnny Nash and 'I can see for miles' by The Who and other such blindingly obvious songs!...all of which proves I'm only joking and am having a laff at myself...or I really go mad! Are you able to wear contact lenses or not Box rather than those thick glasses, I wore those too as I was very short sighted and the then delicate pencil drawings I used to do didn't help I guess, but I can't really blame my art for it. I just really really hope your sight lasts as long as the sun shines!

Thank You So Much again Chris for your superb research...are you the PR for Hunstanton? and living in Suffolk too, I guess?

I was only joking Box, really, taking the mickey out of helps...well, it doesn't really, but....!
Question Author
Oh dear, I hope I haven't said anything to offend either Chris or Boxtops! was and never would be my intention to do so.
Astronomers hold star parties at Kelling every year, so the skies must be pretty good round there. :)
Sunny Hunny is not so nice if you go to main town, its very chavvy. lol. If you do go then visit old hunstanton away from the amusements, its nice that end. I agree with buen that holt and holkham are lovely, Holkham is where most of the beech scenes from 'Kingdom' were filmed and All Saints 'the beech' video. Castle Acre is nice place too to visit the old ruins and the priory, not the one with famous people but an old priory thats 'apparently' haunted.
Noooo woodelf, it takes a lot to offend me!!
I've worn specs since I was six, and I don't know any different. Now I'm on varifocals the bottle-tops can be a little less bottly, such is technology ;-)
I did try contact lenses years ago, but I couldn't adjust my vision easily when I took them out at night - it got too much trouble. Nowadays anyway so many people wear specs that they are just a fact of life, I'll stick with them, I know where I am with them!
Question Author
Phew!...Thanks Chris...?
Just a quick post from me, Woodelf, because it's late (and because, for the first time in many months, I've had an evening in the pub!).

It's almost impossible to offend me and you certainly haven't done so. I'd still like to persuade you to visit the jewel of the East Anglian coast, Southwold, but I'll leave that until tomorrow!

By the way, much of my post about Hunstanton had nothing to do with 'research'. It was more to do with first hand knowledge. I've been to Hunstanton many times and I use those trains from Kings Cross quite often. (I get off at Cambridge where the conductor and station staff are always busily trying to convince people that they need to move to the front part of the train if they are going to Kings Lynn).


PS: Where can I find your website?

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