US ESTA before they charge

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sddsddean | 10:08 Mon 30th Aug 2010 | Travel
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Has anyone applied for a 'new' ESTA (before they start charging for them in a week or so) whilst they still hold a current one (due to the 2 year validity)? Any problems come up because the system says you have already got an ESTA or anything? Just checking before I renew mine!


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You can't renew it before it expires unless you change your name or passport details.
i saw someone here the other day who had - perhaps eddie?
well I am delighted to be wrong!
I did it a few weeks ago and mine has 6 months left but I got the full 2 years
Sorry, didn't realise that the link given was to my original post!
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Thanks all. I'll do it over the next few days.
yes, it seems they can't be renewed anyway and you'd have to apply for a new one when the two years runs out; so you might as well apply for a new one now. I did and got it instantly.

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US ESTA before they charge

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