Which Countries (other than UK / Europe) can you live in with a UK Passport

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divingmatt | 22:44 Thu 10th Feb 2005 | Travel
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I'm really interested in living somewhere else for a while (but probably more than the maximum stay for tourists). So, as we used to have the commonwealth, I wondered which countries could I live in with a UK Passport ???

Any info would be greatly appreciated, especially if you've done this yourself. Thanks!!


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I'm not aware of any non-EU countries allowing the right of abode just because you have a UK passport.  However, some allow longer stays than others without visas, and some allow tourists to stay longer with a relatively cheap pre-obtained visa.  Other than that, you can join the masses living in a country for the maximum stay then going on the visa run in an overcrowded, dangerous, hot bus to the nearest border.
The Falklands?

Al countries differ, try FCO at and look up the countries entry requirements for wherever you want to go:

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thanks for the suggestions guys, not sure i had the falklands in mind, but you're getting the general idea of it! Any carribean islands would be great!


Could check out conditions for staying in Bermuda.

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