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sunnystyle | 02:44 Fri 11th Feb 2005 | Travel
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can i travel to europe on an expired passport if it is supported with birth certificate and uk driving licence?


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absolutely not if you're flying with an airline where you need to show proof of ID which is normally a passport. Technically you don't really need a passport for eu countries but where one is asked for you, will not get away with an expired one. Would advise get a new one and play safe.

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Is your passport british?? Not everyone with a british driving license or birth certificate is british. If you have an expired british passport and a photocard british license then that should suffice to get on a plane that requires a photoid. But the airline should check with the immigration authorities in the destination country if they will accept you. Technically they must but more than often they do not. So the airline will not risk it. To come back again it is no problem. British immigration will accept expired passports in 99.9% of cases. But earlier posts are do not need a passport to travel within EU countries. All you need is to establish that you have right of abode in one of the 25 european countries.
No, it needs to be valid for the duration of your stay
No it doesn't need to be valid, technically. You just have to prove nationality and identity. But it is up to the individual Immigration Officer, so the airline is unlikely to risk being fined by the Immigration in the country you are going to

The only time you can travel without a passport is when you are a Citizen of the Common/Free Travel area and within the Common Travel Area, ie Ireland, UK, IoM and CI.  In this case you can use a photo driving license or other official photographed id - Uni, id card, government employee id card for eg.

By law you are required to have a full, valid passport for travel to every country if departing from the UK and Ireland.  Being in the EU means nothing.  The UK and Ireland are not members of the Schengen Agreement.  This means the two countries have retained their full border controls. 

Therefore, if you leave the UK or Ireland for say the Netherlands by plane you are entering the Schengen Area and you will have your passport checked.  Flying on to say Greece from there - Schengen to Schengen you will 99/100 not have any checks.  When you return to the UK you will be ckecked at passport control when you leave a Schengen country and will be put under a microscope when you try to go through UK immigration.

can i travel from uk to mauritius for an emergengy with an expire passport if it supported with birth certificate ,N I C and driving licence
can i travel from uk to mauritius on an expired passport if it supported with birth ceftificate, NIC and uk driving licence

can i travel from uk to mauritius on an expired passport if it supported with birth ceftificate, NIC and uk driving licence >>

Of course not - if you'd read the earlier posts you'd have understood that.
Can my daughter. Use expired passport for California

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