Any tips re midges (West Scotland)?

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Backdrifter | 15:31 Tue 15th Jun 2010 | Travel
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(Also posted in Nature) We'll be staying on the coast of Loch Fyne for the 1st week of August. Just read up about midges. It said all the things I didn’t want it to – they thrive on the West Coast, especially July/August, they like the damp conditions brought about by the rainy conditions in that area, and no so-called repellent has ever been to shown to definitely work (although some people swear by certain ones). Apparently, we can only hope for good breezes as that tends to disperse them, and unusually dry weather. As I read it, I started feeling itchy!

Given I am prone to being bitten to kingdom come by pesky little critters like this - just back from a few days in Rome and still bearing the many scars of mozzy bites - can anyone recommend a product? I'm considering soaps with citronella in, which apparently they don't like at all. Don't really want to go down the face-net route if possible.


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citronella candle are supposed to be good

don;t beleive anyone who says eating marmite works it doesn't, i eat loads of the stuff and get bitten to ......

barmaid loves midges as well if i remember rightly
This is the stuff you need - Avon Skin So Soft Dry Oil Bodyspray

Before I started using this I had about 30 bites at a time, I now get 1 or 2 a year. My friend went to Scotland last summer and I persuaded her to take some Skin So Soft with her. As soon as they arrived at the caravan park the lady in the next caravan appeared brandishing a bottle of Skin So Soft, saying 'you'll need some of this'. My friend was grateful that she'd taken some with her as they were selling it for £7.50 a bottle in the local shops!
Definitely agree re the Avon body spray. It's the only thing which really does work.
As you can guess from my ID I live in Wester Ross, the heart of the midgie country. We have the little sods from end of May to September! Anyway I spent all day yesterday strimming the grass and got no bites. I use Jungle Formula Insect Repellant which you can get for sensitive skin, and for me it works a treat and doesn't smell. One of the national newspapers did a test on repellants and Jungle came out tops. My nephew uses Skin so Soft, he says it works but quote it makes you smell like a wummin (woman) unquote! So the choice is yours Jungle or Avon, they both work but can't vouch for any other concoction. Hope this helps.
The avon skin so soft dry body oil does work, I believe our own armed forces use this!

Somebody beat me to it!! Best stuff around, when anything with wings and teeth see me, they think ahh, walking breakfast/dinner and tea! Not when I used this stuff, out in Malaysia and Thailand, i didn't get bitten once

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Any tips re midges (West Scotland)?

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