Crimes as a minor

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DevilRed | 22:55 Mon 14th Jun 2010 | Travel
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I've just realised my crimes were when I was under 18 years old does that effect whether your able to apply for a visa waiver ?

Sorry for so many questions but I need to feel ok to travel .


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From the link I gave you earlier:
"A foreign conviction based on conduct which constitutes an act of juvenile
delinquency under U.S. standards, however treated by the foreign court, is
not a conviction for a “crime” for the purpose of INA and, accordingly, may
not serve as the basis for a finding of inadmissibility under INA

That simply means that you're not automatically banned from entry to the USA. (If you were, you'd have to apply for a 'waiver of ineligibility'. The process takes several months). It still might not mean that you can officially travel under the Visa Waiver Program. To check on your status for the VWP, use the wizard here:

My 2-part post here might also be relevant:

However, as people have already indicated on your other threads, there's no way that the US immigration authorities will know about your conviction if you choose to enter under the Visa Waiver Program (whether you're meant to or not), using an ESTA.


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Crimes as a minor

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