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Problems with Thomas Cook

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cymruambyth1 | 11:02 Tue 21st Jul 2009 | Travel
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I will try and keep this as short as possible.

I went to book my holiday with thomas cook online on Friday, I kept getting an error message saying "your payment cannot be authorised" and then said if you carry on having issues ring this number.

I rang the number and the gentleman told me they were having issues with their server, and to come out of the shopping basket page and try again.

Which I did and again I received the exact same error message. I had to be somewhere, and wanted to get the holiday booked (even though I'm not going until September) so I booked the holiday with someone else.

This other company told me they couldnt get the full payment from my credit card, so they said try it again on Monday (as I was away at a wedding all weekend.)

So having spoken to my bank, it turns out that although I got an error message saying payment has not been authorised, Thomas Cook have taken the money out of my account, and then I decided to check my emails and I have received confirmation of my booking with Thomas Cook.

I was on the phone for nearly three hours all together yesterday with various people at Thomas Cook and the best they can offer me is to refund me but keep a �150 - 200 deposit, even though in my eyes this isnt my issue.

I spoke to my bank and they said I can start a dispute, but is it really with them to dispute? The way I see it I guess is I was told that my payment hadnt been authorised, yet next minute I see that they have taken the money out of my account.

Any guidance on what I should do?!

Thanks everyone!


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This type of thing seems to be happening here in the US quite often this past few months also. I have tried booking a hotel and renting a car through two different companies and both times I have gotten an error when I tried to pay for the items with a credit card. However I was not billed for either one. It seems that the credit card people may be putting some type of security system with regards to booking things on line and that is causing these error messages to pop up giving you the impression that the system has failed when if fact the transaction was completed. In my case nothing was completed on line, however when I called direct to the companies there was no problem getting booked.
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Well I have spoken to the bank and they are going to dispute Thomas Cook taking the money out of my account.

So just have to wait and see how long it takes to sort out!

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Problems with Thomas Cook

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