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coz-bob | 15:06 Thu 02nd Jul 2009 | Travel
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Hi, i'm heading off to Malta in august and just wondered if anyone has got any tips on what is appropriate dress (as i am aware it is quite a religious and preserved island)

thanks for the help :)


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no dress code it is very catholic but the thing i would worry most about is the 45 degrees in can hit!

worry more about wearing clothes to keep cool rather than impressing the locals!
The only dress code I can think of is:
Churches/The Co Cathedral,
No shorts for men or women.
Women should cover their heads with a scarf etc.
Although the Maltese are relgious(as above) apart from this there are no other dress codes,and you will the Maltese friendly,laid back,and only too willing to ensure you have a happy stay.
We have been quite a few times,and although it's a small island (about the same as the Isle of Wight believe it or not) we always find something new to do/see.
Have a Great Time,and remember it WILL be quite hot,so always carry water with you.
However,nearly every liitle town/village has a cafe so you souldn't dehydrate too much!
If you are in Mdina(Medina) DO go to the Cafe Fontanella,for the nicest choccy cake in Malta and stunning views(it sits in/on the city walls)
See Here:~ /
Malta is also used to hosting millions of tourists and (until quite recently) thousands of British soldiers and sailors. There's not much they haven't seen!

On the beaches, in the bars and around the towns, shorts and T-shirts are the norm (even for, say, bank staff). For a guide as to what to wear in night clubs, etc, see here: 5/

Unles you're a naturist (or a lady who enjoys topless sunbathing) you won't find any dress (or 'lack-of-dress') restrictions on the beaches.

If you're planning on visiting some of the (spectacular) churches, see the two relevant posts on this page: lta/Local_Customs-Malta-BR-3.html

Sorry to waffle on,but I have just found a picture of the view from the Cafe Fontanella. /
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thanks, you've all been a great help!

the cafe in mdina sounds good, and the view is beautiful (as im told malta is anyway!)

i'm staying in gozo though, is that nearby?
Hi coz-bob

I will be in Malta too around mid - august , for a bit, as there doing a gig.

As the good peeps here have said, lovely dress code.....just be yourself.....they do require you to dress accordingly if you go into churches etc, for masses as they are very religious..... also clubs, casinos etc

Mdina, which Mr V posted is really great........the silent city... and what views of the island ........great restaurants there too.

Great sandy beaches all over th island especially in the north!

Enjoy yourself.

Gozo is an island a few miles of the north side of Malta and is much more quieter and laid back than malta itself.....Ramla Bay beach on the north side particularly nice.........the other island, Comino, near it is also lovely and has a place called the blue lagoon which is crystal clear water and great to swim there.

see ya

the bear
Gozo is the smaller sister island to Malta,and is not so touristy.
It is served by a short ferry service with Malta,and buses go frequently to Valetta Malta's capital.
The bus terminus at the entrance to Valetta has buses serving all parts of the island for a reasonable fare.
99% of Maltese speak (very good) English.If doubtful ask directions etc from a younger (under 40) person, as they will have attended school when English was a compulsory subject.
The Maltese language is a sort of hybrid of Italian and Arabic,so I wouldn't attempt it (not that you will need to).
Many restaurants have Italian influenced food,and many also have very good (and fresh) seafood and fish.

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Dress code in Malta...

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