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farm | 18:11 Sun 14th Nov 2004 | Travel
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how can i prevent condensation which occurs on the inside of my car window every morning.

what is the best way to shift it


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I don't know of a way to prevent it but the easiest way to shift it is to use the car's air blower.  Turn the knob to point to the symbol that looks like a little windscreen with vertical wavy lines over it.  Then switch on the blower full blast for a bit.  hey presto - clear windscreen in no time.

While pickle is correct, another, quicker way is to turn on the air conditioner... the air from that source is quite dry and will clear the window somewhat faster...
I think you can purchase items from car shops (eg halfords) which help minimise condensation such as Moisture absorbers, and also i think you can buy something to apply to the internal windscreen to prevent build up (perhaps by carplan or triplewax)
Is it there before you get in the car, or is it condensed from your breath?
Your cart shoul not have condensation inside - get the door seals checked - if they are not flush with the doors, you will get damp air leaking in and condensing.
'Cart'? Must stop posting in the early hours of the morning!
Most common cause of condensation build up inside a car is damp, check your carpets are not wet. Good way to kept windscreen clear is to place a tray filled with salt on the dash. Salt absorbs moisture so will need replacing so often. Oh and don't forget to remove from dash before you drive off ;-)
I once found a terrible condensation problem which i just could not shift! Then I realised I was recycling the air inside the car. I was embarrassed, and it may be worth checking.....! Also as clanad says, the a/c will clear your windows very quickly.
pickle is right. and you dont need a 'moisture abosrber'. wot a waste of money!
You do not mention the make of car, but some cars are very prone to letting water in. One cause might be door seals, however there are other sources of leaks also - for example some models of VW Golf (the Mark 2 in particular) have a feature which is extremely leak prone. As a first step follow advice already given and lift the carpets (especially both sides in the front) including the padding under them. If at all damp (possibly getting smelly too), remove and dry out thoroughly. While the carpets are out observe whether water is showing on the floor - allowing for wet feet carying it in. If water is coming in try to find the location of entry. This can be a very frustrating exercise (consulting knowledgeable people about your particular model may help) because water can trail unseen before it energes. In the Golf (above) the thin plastic tray under the bonnet and below the winscreen (black and shaped to drain water into the run-off drain) frequently cracks because it is so brittle. Remove carefully and check for cracks, including by holding up to light. It is possible to repair by cleaning and drying thoroughly followed by putting generous beads of silicon where they do not interfere with the way this piece fits into the car. Refit very carefully or you'll crack it again somewhere else. You could buy one new at enormous cost from VW, but better still go to a scrap yard. Best of luck.
A small afterthought: I sometimes manage to shorten the time for searching by directing a watering can or hose onto a limited area at a time to see if this is where water gets in. This is best done with the aid of a partner inside the car to observe and report.

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