travelin to florida in november with babies

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paulandems | 14:12 Sun 12th Oct 2008 | Travel
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just wondering if anyone new of what can be took thru customs with the babies, we are travlling with 2 small babies 3months and a 3 week old baby, they will be on sma gold, what what can we take thru customs and on the airplane and in cases etc, cant seem to get a answer from anyone. can anyone help


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Do you mean take through in your hand luggage?
You will usually be abe to find a Boots chemist in duty free shopping, so you can buy after check in

You can pack tins of formula in your suitcase but be aware they weigh a lot. Will you not be BF the baby?

I wopuld be more worried about being able to secure a passport for the baby TBH as you can take almost anything in your hold luggage or buy after you have checked in
can babies fly when they are that young? What if the birth is delayed by a week or two?
your airline will tell you btw
That's a good point bedknobs
What if baby is 2 weeks late?
What is mum has a c-section? (travel unlikely then)
I recall watching some airline programme a few years back and they refused to allow a 2 week old baby to fly because it was too young in their opinion
I dont think babies under 6 weeks can fly, its quite dangerous, check with the airline, also remember the baby's eyes must be open for the passport photograph, they refused my pal's twins because their eyes were shut, we had to poke them & make them cry to get their eyes open, it wasnt nice and they screamed their heads off.
Another tip, when booking your flight ask for skycot for each child, most are free but some airlines charge a nominal �5, these cots hook on in front of you and you dont have to hold the baby for the length of the flight, although if there is turbulence you will have to take the baby out of the cot. If you have already booked ring the airline and explain you need a cot, also confirm at check in, believe me its worth the effort to get one, so many people have never heard of them, which surprises me.
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passport has been done for both babies, sky cots have been ordered, the youngest baby can fly because it has to be over 21 days, baby was born this week n we dont fly till the 22nd november, were flying with virgin they have got 2 sky cots for us. its just on the baby milk taking thru customs n into america, our baby has to medication n thickener to her milk, i have a letter from specialist stating this is what she need, just on quantites of fluids for bottle of milk etc thru both customs we need to know, we shall be packing tins into each suit cases there is enough of us to spread as there is 16 of us going

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travelin to florida in november with babies

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