Blackpool coach station and bed and breakfast/hotels

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ChirpyKez | 20:52 Mon 23rd Jun 2008 | Travel
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How far is the coach station from the pleasure beach please? Is it within walking distance for example?
Also, I'm think of staying in the Big Blue Hotel, adding up the prices of the b&b's it seems it might be worth the extra cost to stay somewhere nice? Any comments?


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The National Express coach station is close to the train station which is to the north of the town centre..............the pleasure beach is about as far south as you can go whilst still remaining in Blackpool.

However, if you walk straight from the coach station to the can catch a tram directly to the Pleasure Beach.

If you come into Lonsdale Road Coach Station, you can, again walk directly to the prom and catch a tram, or a Number 1 bus.............

If you stay at the Big Blue, whilst you are close (too close ?) to the Pleasure Beach, you'll have to walk back into town to go anywhere else; to pubs and clubs, etc.
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Ok, thanks for that. It's just that I stayed in that hotel about 5 years ago and it well very nice!! It only works out slightly more expensive than a bed and breakfast so that's why I'm swaying towards it.
Having been in Blackpool for several weeks about a month ago, not through choice I hasten to add, it would take you about 45 minutes to walk down to the Pleasure Beach from the coach/bus station.

If you are staying for more than a week have you thought of staying in one of the holiday flats rather than a Bed and Breakfast? They tend to be a lot cheaper than booking into a B&B!
They've actually extended the hotel and it's now about twice the size it was...........

If you want to mainly concentrate on the Pleasure Beach, etc, I suppose it is ideal but if you want to experience the rest of Blackpool you will perhaps be a little remote from the other stuff.

In any case, I hope you enjoy your stay here..................:o)
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We are planning on staying 3 or 4 nights at the end of august. If my memory is correct it's no too bad a walk from the pleasure beach up to say, the tower??
I can't take Butlins for another year!!
It's a pleasant stroll on a fine evening...........but it may take the best part of 30mins, or so..........

But the trams and Number 1 bus go directly up and down the prom, so I should let them take the strain..........but beware of the landaus. V. expensive and they don't take you far, either.

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Blackpool coach station and bed and breakfast/hotels

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