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driving in florida

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dawn36 | 13:15 Thu 01st May 2008 | Travel
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what us it like driving in florida, we are hiring a 12 seater bus with our holiday. we are all abit nervous about driving in florida though we know they drive on the other side of the road to us but it's things like traffic lights and driving from the airport sanford to our villa highlands reserve, once thats sorted driving to theme parks maybe ok. any help much appreicated thanks


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the time you forget to drive on the right is often when you're starting up, or pulling out of a service station or shopping mall or something. But always keep an eye on other traffic and you should be ok.

If you get a four-way intersection with stop signs on each corner, proceed in the order in which you arrived.

You can turn right through a red light if you've stopped first and there is no traffic approaching.

When you pick up the bus you should be given a map. Ask them to show you the route to your accommodation.
We hired a car and drove from Sanford airport to Internationl drive , in Orlando .
It was dark soon after we set off , and we didn't have any difficulty .

You will find that you will soon get used to a left hand drive vehicle and driving on the right hand side of the road .

At traffic lights at crossroads , you can turn right , if the way is clear , even though the lights are on red . ( there are places where you cant - but there will be signs telling you so )
Considering my limited European and British driving experience, I'm happy to report we have no round abouts...Almost all of the roads between cities are Interstate highways, meaning at least two lanes and as many as 5 going your direction, well separated from the opposing traffic. One has to keep an eye out for the signs indicating exits, but they usually give good advance notice as well as multiple notices. A good investment would be to purchase or rent a GPS navigatior... seems the Tom-Tom is quite reliable for up-to-date data bases.
Unfortunately, especially considering the 12 seat bus is the fact that our gasoline (your petrol) prices have started climbing unmercilessly. Right now the national average is about $3.50 per U.S. gallon. I realize you Brits have been paying more than that for a long time, but it's quite a shock to our system. It's estimated that it could go to $4.00 by the end of the summer. Be sure to select the lower octane ratings (87) for savings... it will do just as well since almost all have about 10% ethanol.
Welcome to the U.S., by the way!
Clanad, Massachusetts has roundabouts, as befits the superior breed of people who live there. I expect they never made it further west, though.
They tried a roundabout once in Savannah as well, it lasted 6months before being taking out due to too many accidents!!

Driving on the other side of the road and car isn't as much of a problem as you may think, you'll soon get used to it

as others have covered you can turn right on a red traffic light, four way intersections work on a first come first go basis. other things are watch out for are, on highways people can, and do, overtake you on both sides. you are not allowed to overtake a school bus if it has stopped and if you see a stop sign it really means stop not slow right down and creep though it.

Oh and watch the speed limits, the police can be quite strict about them.
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many thanks for your answers they are most helpful
A few other things worth knowing if you have not driven State side before � Exit signs on Interstates with a yellow background to the word �Exit� indicates that the right (exit) lane is exit only. Sometimes you don�t get much warning of this fact.

Also Interstate exits can be located in the fast (left) lane, as can the entry to an Interstate.

Driving a 12 seater (with passengers), will allow you to use the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes � normally indicted with a diamond pattern on the road surface and signage showing the times the HOV lane is operating (normally during rush hours).

Generally I have found American motorists to be more courteous than us Brits. An American proffered the following reasoning for this � when diving in America, you don�t know whether the other driver has a gun in his glove compartment.
If you buy the excellent guide book 'A Brits Guide to Orlando and Walt Disney World' it has loads of brilliant hints and tips for drivng in Florida.
You're right jno, but of course, Massachusetts is in New England... what's one to expect from a State where the people talk with funny accents, eat cod and elect a Kennedy perennially... of course you'll blame it on the Irish influence, no?
Hi Clanad

Where are you in the states ?
Do you have a scientific background ?
I imagine roundabouts were introduced by the Pilgrim Fathers, Clanad, possibly to regulate people trotting around Plymouth Rock

It is very easy to forget this as it is not something you normally take on holiday.

Make sure you have a credit card as they will often want to "stripe" the card before letting you have it.
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Be careful about the yellow school busses! You cannot over take them when they are stopped and the little flag is out. In some areas you cannot go past them when they are stopped in the oncoming direction. Big fines for violations!
Make sure you get change for tolls while you are at the airport. You can overtake on either side on interstate roads. Traffic lights are usually suspended over the roads rather than on posts at the side of the road. You get twice as long on amber before the stop light comes on than in the UK

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driving in florida

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