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dicky113 | 02:09 Tue 30th Mar 2004 | Travel
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What is the 'correct' outfit for the bridegroom when getting married on a beach in a tropical climate and the bride is wearing a traditional white wedding dress.


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Depends- British empire rules would say a savanna suit and solar topee. but since this is a recent development ID go for bermuda shirt and shorts.
I think a nice white linen suit would look good - go for the most expsnive you can manage, cheap linen really loooks cheap, an effect you want to avoid on the photographs.
hmm...perhaps beige linen suite rather than white, otherwise you'd risk looking like a bad guy out of Miami Vice
What about a white tuxedo ?
I'd definitely go with white over beige - if beige was worn, you'd clash with the sand. White would look stunning, especially if the sun's strong - think of the white suit against the azure sea. I think a maroon shirt and hanky (in top pocket) would go well witih it. Or try and match the colour of the sea with a turquoisey shirt, but that might make the whole outfit too light.
New boots and panties
men can't wear white for weddings, unless they are in the armed forces. women wear white, men don't. beige? is this the 70's? how about a dark blue or black suit. church or beach, we have to keep some traditions...sod it. go for scuba gear, infact have it done under the water!
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Thanks everyone. All good answers. Am going to go for the white tux as I am P. Brosnans spitting image. ( Pete Brosnan who works down our chippy...)

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