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Will Brexit Be Blamed For This Too

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calmck | 12:34 Wed 27th Mar 2024 | Travel
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Why are we not hearing from those anti Brexit about holiday makers to Spain and its islands being limited to 6 free drinks a day, having to wear shirts and football tops being banned in some establishments



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only 6 free drinks and no Man U shirt - stuff that!

I'd welcome more detail on what you are talking about.

Do you have a link?

Brits abroad have long had a bad reputation for drunken loutish behaviour, well before brexit in fact. I dont blame locals in holiday destinations wanting to curb this

Does it apply to all tourists or only to British folk?

This was in place last year and ONLY applies to a few party resorts on Majorca and Ibiza and nowehere else in Spain, it also applies to everybody of all nationalities. Who can blame them, a lot of younger UK tourists to these Balearic resorts behave shamefully with zero respect for where they are.

I assume the 6 free drink rule applies to those on "all inclusive" deals. Well that's not all inclusive then is it? It would be better though if we knew what we were discussing. Calmck do you have a link to this revalation?

Where does the 6 drink rule apply in Spain?

The rule brought in by the regional government allows All Inclusive guests in selected areas of Majorca and Ibiza to have a maximum of six alcoholic drinks within their package per day.

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It's been on Apple News and other sites recently that, mainly Spain, and some other countries are trying to erradicate "loutish drunken behaviour". Stopping unlimited free all inclusive drinks, footie colours, bare chests and other "delightful" sights seen in some tourist spots. When I was working in Portugal in a clinic we had to ask people to wear shoes, put a shirt or something over a bikini etc. taxis are insisting on more than swim attire being worn in cabs



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It applies to all tourists

well no point in booking "all inclusive" then.

We went all inclusive once then realised there are supermarkets almost everywhere so didn't bother again.

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Will Brexit Be Blamed For This Too

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