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ImLostAgain | 15:08 Tue 05th Mar 2024 | Travel
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I'm going through the minefield of finding travel insurance on-line. Although I've not finished searching, I've got two companies in mind at the moment, ie 'holiday risk' & 'the post office'. Are they good/bad/indifferent in your opinion?

Although I'm still looking, are there any others you would recommend?



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If you are getting on a bit (like me!!) Staysure are pretty good.

We have used for this year and found it quite reasonable.

Insure and go, I was in Turkey and my granddaughter was taken ill and was hospitalised, private hospital and they were brilliant 

I used Staysure for a few years but their last quote was very high.  I changed to Goodtogo and it was half the cost of Staysure.

I use Post Office Insurance for my vehicle cover.  Whenever I've searched for a better renewal quote than the one that they've offered to me, I've never been able to beat their price.

For travel insurance though, I recommend taking a look at HolidaySafe, which I've used several times after finding them recommended on Martin Lewis's website:

Avanti is ok. They cover oldies & most ailments.

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Ok, thanks all. Sorry for the late reply. I'll look into your suggestions.

Not too long ago I bought an annual world-wide policy from RIAS at a reasonable price for Mrs Hymie & myself; I’ll only know how good they are (or not) if they reject a valid claim.

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