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Do Any Countries In Europe Use A Different Way To Put Dates.

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webbo3 | 17:34 Fri 11th Aug 2023 | Travel
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Do any countries in Europe use a different way to put dates.

I.E Month, date, year.


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According to Wikipedia, the 'DMY' format is used across Europe (although with some countries, including the UK, listed as using 'YMD' as well), except for Hungary and Lithuania, where 'YMD' only is used:
Sweden uses YYYY-MM-DD
incredz Chris
we used Aug 11th, 2023 format at school ( which I thought was crazy) - and then it kinda changed by common consent
YMD is the logical choice as the most large units/figures go to the left. DMY is a strange alternative as it messes up the higher to lower order but at least sorts them in the sensible order. MDY is simply insane and must originally been suggested as a joke by tipsy individuals at some bar. But they're stuck with it now.
Question Author
Thank you all, I'm talking about Spain.

Someone on Twitter posted about the temperature and the date on the picture


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Do Any Countries In Europe Use A Different Way To Put Dates.

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