Travelling From Brisbane To Heathrow Via Perth

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TAFFWILLIAMS | 07:16 Tue 28th May 2019 | Travel
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We are going to Australia next March on an organised holiday with Saga.

At the end of the holiday we have added a week on to visit friends in Brisbane.

The return flight with Quantas takes us from Brisbane to Perth with a 1 hour stay there.

Does anybody know whether it is the same aircraft or do we have to change aircraft?

Thanks for your anticipated help.

Taff Williams


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With an hour probably the same aircraft. Can you see if your booking states the aircraft you are on. If it is the same one you will possibly stay on board while other passengers come on
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We are away on holiday at the moment so cannot contact Saga as we do not have booking ref etc.

As you said it must be the same aircraft.
Might be a connecting flight at Perth - are you sure it`s only a 1 hour stay? There is a time change between Brisbane and Perth.
Has to be the same flight. Can't see them (or you) having time to transfer cases with only an hour to spare.
Depends if the OP has taken any time change into account. Eg - depart brisbane 0800 arrive perth 1200, depart perth 1300. But perth is 2 hours behind brisbane so the actual transfer time would be 3 hours, not 1 hour (as arrival in perth would be 1000, not 1200 hrs)
aren't arrival and departure times usually given as local time? Passengers would rightly be confused if Perth 1200 and Perth 1300 were three hours apart.

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Travelling From Brisbane To Heathrow Via Perth

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