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How Many Euros Should I Take For An All Inclusive Holiday?

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winkyridg | 14:28 Sun 17th Mar 2019 | Travel
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My partner and i fly to Lanzarote in 2 weeks on a week long all in holiday, we're not sure how many Euros to take as we dont want to be completely confined to the hotel and would like to eat elsewhere at least a couple of times during the week?


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Take as many as you can afford.
Take enough for the first three days or so, and then draw your Euros from a local cash dispenser. I've done that in the Netherlands, and it worked very well. Oh, just one thing: always draw fewer than a thousand Euros at a time from the machine. If you draw more than a thousand, you'll probably be given a 1,000 Euro note, and they are difficult to spend.
You don’t really need to take any. 95% of places will take chip & pin cards. Maybe 100 or so for taxis and sundries.
It so depends on what you want to do when you leave the hotel. Lunch, entry to a museum or visitor attraction, transport, excursion, sightseeing tour etc.

Think in terms of €30 for each of those activities for the two of yiu and you'll be about right. Keep a bit for refreshment at the airport or in the duty free shop.
We always budget about £100 a day if you dont spend it you can always use it next time.
There's no such thing as a 1000 euro note. Largest is 500 euros and they're not being made any more. Just take euros from cash machine when there but major on chip and pin or contactless.
I'd do what Zacs said, about 100 max. They do have ATMs.
I usually take 500 in cash for spendies and pay for things on my card where I can and draw out more if I need it. x
Put meals and larger amounts on cards, you'll get a better exchange rate, especially if you card is commission free, eg Nationwide.

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How Many Euros Should I Take For An All Inclusive Holiday?

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