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David H | 04:50 Fri 13th Oct 2017 | Travel
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I am more familiar with making phone calls, so although I have navigated many flight ticket sites I suspect many return trips are hard if not impossible to find although available. I am hoping to find an in-out trip simply for the experience of flying and taking photos at the destination, and have no desire to wander around alone in town or country for ages to kill time till the return flight. I have checked the sites of Heathrow, City, Luton and a few coastal airports and the shortest gap was five hours. A train is no better as you lose the time in the journey instead.

Is there a better way to search for a trip within certain timeframes so it shows you the return trips alongside the outward journey rather than usually having to search each way separately? I'd expect a popular route to run every hour or so but only dug up a handful of flights per day from all these, the only destination limit is UK or Ireland as they go on my website photo map and can reach the continent by train more easily.


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I know if you use Expedia it automatically shows you the return times for the day you have chosen.
The problem is that flying is not generally used for commuting, and depending on where you are you may only have 1 flight out in the morning and 1 back in the evening.
Where are you planning to flying to?
Another point is that most airports are a distance away from the cities they serve so travel time to and from the destination airport needs to be factored in (unless you intend to spend all the time at the airport). This, plus disembarkation time as well as check in for the return will certainly eat into a good chunk of the intervening time.
Have you tried a site such as:-

You can see the schedule and timings of flights in/out of each airport over a 7 day period.
Edinburgh is beautiful with lots of material to take some really good pictures. From the airport terminal you can catch a 100 express bus for about 1.50. It takes you to the heart of Edinburgh (Waverley Street) The view of the Pentland Hills as you come into land is lovely. You may even get to see our new bridge.
this may not be practical/feasible but have you thought of private aerodromes? if you just want to fly and take pics and its not a particular destination that you want to go to, you may be able to get someone to take you up, whether they charge or not i guess would be down to the individual
hi David, how long do you anticipate that it will take you (once off the flight) to get out of the airport, get to your destination, decide what to photograph, Photograph it, have a cup of coffee, get back to the airport (in time for check in)?
5 hours seems ok to me, maybe even a bit short
I'm not entirely sure that I've grasped the whole of your question properly.

However, as I read it, you want to start from the London area, travelling to a destination in the UK or Ireland and returning in little more than the time that it takes to get through the arrivals part of your destination airport and then back through check-in.

If so, an obvious choice of destination (simply because there are so many flights going there from the UK) is Dublin. For example (using a sample date of 14 November( you could fly out from London City with BA at 0655, arriving in Dublin at 0820. You could then return at 1055, arriving back at London City at 1225. There are other flight combinations which you could use as well. Further, you don't have to fly out and back with the same airline. CityJet also serve that route, giving you additional options.

Flights with BA and CityJet could also be combined to travel between London City and Edinburgh.
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Thanks everyone, as I said I don't mind where I go within the UK/Ireland as it's simply for the photos and experience. And yes, one flight out and one back is what I've found per day so far. I did in fact consider calling Elstree near me to see if they could offer a charter trip and will now do so although the light planes are so slow you can't get that far in an hour or two (and no toilets!).

I am in NW London and happy to go as far as Eastleigh or Southend which we have used before, but obviously best off with Luton. The busiest destinations would be Dublin, Belfast, Manchester, Liverpool or at a pinch Plymouth, but anywhere between 1-2 hours will do me. I will try the new links and let you know how I get on, although due to the clocks going back soon will be waiting till the spring when I can get more daylight.
Luton to Glasgow might be a possibility, with easyJet.

e.g. on 13 November:
Out 1100, Arr 1215
Back 1650, Arr 1805
Easy jet do expierience flights
You just do a round trip from the airport and back, mainly for nervous flyers but photography is allowed .
Ryanair do similar flights ( if they have enough pilots of course)
Or book a flight on a glider over Dunstable Downs.
Or book a pleasure flight
Anywhere from a Helicopter flight for £65 to a Russian MIG 69 Edge of Space flight for £1500 . Some of them are specifically for photography.
If you want a 1 - 2 hour flight then that rules out the UK
Don't know where you'e flying from but little Norwich airport is very handy for the beautiful city centre, the park and ride is next to the airport. The figure of £1.50 for the Edinburgh Airlink is wrong, it's about £4.50 single or about £7 return.

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