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bluetoon | 19:05 Fri 13th Oct 2017 | Travel
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Hi going to Luton airport to pick up some relatives. Is the short stay car park my best option. Is there plenty of spaces or would I be better going to multi-storey car park. One of my relatives cannot walk very far without stopping for rest. So have to be close to the arrivals if possible . Any information about parking would be appreciated.


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Park in the LONG-TERM car park (because it's free for up to 2 hours).

(a) take the free shuttle bus to the terminal, meet your relatives and then take the bus back again ; OR
(b) possibly better, given the mobility problems you mention, arrange for your relatives to phone you on arrival, so that you can use the express pick up almost outside the terminal. (£3 for 10 minutes).

I pick up friends quite often from Stansted and, along with loads of other people doing the same thing, I always use one of those two methods (although it's actually the mid-term car park at Stansted which offers free/cheap parking for 1 or 2 hours). It allows for flight delays. (The short-term car park at Luton charges £7 for 40 minutes. It could work out very expensive if there was a delay to the flight).
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Thank you buenchico stay in long term till relatives call then pick up at express pick up. Sounds good Thanks
Buenchico's advice is sound - we use Luton airport all the time. Use Long-Stay for up to 2 hours for free and then re-locate to the pick-up car-park when they phone you.

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