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Tour Operator / Travel Agents Gone Bust 2000

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cazdee | 12:25 Mon 02nd Oct 2017 | Travel
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Does anyone remember a tour operator / travel agents going bust in 2000, I think the name began with a P.
Thanks for any responses


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Lunn Poly? Went bust 2005
Sorry, didn't go bust, got re-branded
Going Places ?
MyTravel ?

Question Author
Thanks, but none of these. It was October 2000 we were stranded in Tunisia when company went down, perhaps it was an airline.
wasn't Transat was it?

Think they went bust in 2002 tho.
World In Action.
There used to be a travel agent called Pegasus - could it have been that? I don't think so though.
At first I wondered if you meant Palmair which was a superb airline/tour operator out of Bournemouth but that collapsed in 2011, seemed longer ago.
Question Author
Thanks again for responses. Panorama seems to ring a bell, maybe it was them.
I suspect it wasn't your tour operator that went bust but the airline that they'd chartered to fly you to and from Tunisia. The Irish charter airline, TransAer ceased trading in October 2000, leaving customers of the companies who'd chartered their planes temporarily stranded overseas.

Alternatively you might have booked with Fly The World Travel Ltd, who were based in Ashford and who sold holidays under various brand names (so it might not have been 'Fly The World' which appeared on your paperwork), as they also went bust in October 2000.

They were the only two business failures to make the pages of the weekly Travel Trade Gazette that month. Fly The World collapsed near to the beginning of the month (with the news being printed in the TTG issue published on the 9th), with TransAer going under nearer to the end of the month (with the news appearing in the TTG issue published on the 30th).
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