Usa (Florida Trip).. Medication Regulations

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MustangLady | 22:09 Wed 03rd Dec 2014 | Travel
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My niece suffers from a few medical conditions (an allergy so carries epipen incase needed), some prescribed pain killers and asthmatic (uses asthma pump). We are due to travel to Florida couple of months time and I was wondering if there was any regulations as regards to carrying prescribed medication in her hand-luggage. Does she need any medical proof from her doctor with regards to the medication prescribed or can these just be carried in hand-luggage onboard flights and into the country. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Ask the airline.
The epipen definitely needs to be in a separate plastic bag (with the associated latest prescription) and shown to security - I do it every time I fly.

I'd do the same with anything else that is either 'sharp' or the least bit controversial on the drug front.
Make up two full sets of all drugs - put one in the checked-in luggage and carry the other in your hand luggage.
what are her piankillers? it used to be that you absolutely couldn't take diamorphine in under any circumstances (although it seems unlikely it's diamorph i suppose!)
There is no problem in taking prescribed medication in her hand luggage on the aircraft. Nor will there be any problems taking prescribed medication into the US. There is no question on the US Customs declaration that asks about medication. She won`t have a problem. She could put her liquid based medications into the liquids bag but she doesn`t have to because they are prescribed medications and are exempt from the rules when accompanied by the prescription.
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You're right, I will make that call this week, just wasn't sure if anyone else had any advice or encountered any problems.
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Thank you all for your advice but as suggested I will call the airline to double check plus make sure she has copy of the latest prescriptions. The painkillers are for her bad rheumatoid arthritis, not the ones mentioned above though.
The airline(s) will tell you what I've told you. Good luck though - You'll be fine.
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Usa (Florida Trip).. Medication Regulations

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