Why Would You Visit Finland?

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Cessuuh | 17:17 Wed 03rd Dec 2014 | Travel
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I'm student doing study, so please answer if you have either visited or planning to visit Finland. Or if you are just interested in this country. I hope answers especially from American travellers. :) Thank you beforehand.


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I have visited Helsinki. Not greatly impressed except for the Sibelius memorial.
This is a UK based site but there are a few US members.
God for cross country skiing.
^^^ Good even....
So that's why they do well at the Winter olympics!
Last time I was there which was many years ago, it became dark at 3.30pm. The people are nice so that is one reason to visit.
Great place, spent some time in Verumaki studying coaching principles in ice hockey.... it's a fantastic country
I visited Finland in the summer to take part in a 60 kilometre rowing race in 14 people 'church boats'. Spent a little while travelling around afterwards. Really friendly people, fairly cheap campsites with good facilities and lots of beautiful lakes and places to walk. Only went briefly to Helsinki, but wasn't overly impressed with that, the countryside has far more to offer.
And, of course, it is the land of the Moomins.
I have visited 3 times (from UK), but each time I combined it with a longer visit to St Petersburg. I've attended a conference in Oulu, looked at the architecture in Helsinki - especially of Aalto and Saarinen, seen the midsummer midnight sun in Rovaniemi, explored a bit with a rail pass - to Joensuu and Turku. I had a friend who went only to Helsinki and Ainola - to visit places associated with Sibelius.

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Why Would You Visit Finland?

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