Airplane Tours Of Grand Canyon From Las Vegas

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spudqueen | 19:36 Sat 17th May 2014 | Travel
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Yes I know that I'm English, but as the trip is in the US that is why I am using airplane and not aeroplane! Anyway, having had a look at the coach trips that are on offer I'm not sure I fancy spending that long on a coach so am looking at the just basic 4 hour door to door airplane trip where you don't land, just fly over the canyon. There are a number of different companies offering this so just wondered if anyone here had done one that they can recommend. Thank you.


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No, but when you get to your hotel in Las Vegas there will be a favoured company that they use and the Concierge will be able to sort that out for you. I usually find that is the best option for such trips.
Grand Canyon Airlines is but one of several air tour operators that serve the Grand Canyon via Las Vegas. I've several friends that are pilots for that carrier. They've been around for a long time… maybe 1930 or so. They use DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft, which are very dependable if somewhat slow. Noisy, too, but head sets are provided. (Seen here

Go as early in the morning as you can to avoid the more bone jarring turbulence that develops as the day warms.

All tour operators (fixed wing and helicopter) are certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration and closely monitored. There are other operators as well… Scenic Airlines has been around for a long time for one…

Prices vary based on length of flight… from a minimum of about $150 (about an hour) to probably $350 for a full fledged canyon wide tour…

Welcome to the U.S., by the way!
It would be a crying shame to go all the way to the GC and then not get out and have a walk along the Rim !
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Better late than never - I want to say thank you to those who replied. Clanad, an excellent reply as always. It will be my sixth visit to the states, but I've never been this far west before! I will certainly be taking what you said on board. Mikey - I know what you mean, but the friend I am travelling with is not very good on coaches, and they do seem a full day trip. Also out of a six day trip we are spending the best part of two days flying there and back so another full day out is another day away from Vegas. If we fly it tends to be a four hour trip door to door, so we get many more hours in Vegas, and also I think that we will get a better overall view of the canyon than if we were stood at bat poo point on the West Rim. I can see the advantages of both trips, but I think that on this occasion it will be the plane. Next time I'll the coach trip!

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Airplane Tours Of Grand Canyon From Las Vegas

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