What Do You Think Is Missing In Travel Apps?

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lexirich | 03:39 Wed 12th Mar 2014 | Travel
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I'm doing a graduate level project on a proposed mobile app, and my topic is travel apps. I'm trying to come up with a unique spin on popular apps like GateGuru and iFly. Whether you are familiar with these apps or not, what would make you download a mobile app?

- security wait times
- restaurants/shops reviews
- Wi-Fi availability
- coupons or special offers
- social sharing options (like sharing your location or meal on Facebook)

What am I missing? What features are important to you?


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I would want practical advice like, how do you get from airport to city, how much is the cost and do you have to get tickets stamped before you get on public transport? How much is a beer and a bit of dinner on average, stuff that you really would like to know and is helpful. Coupons for sightseeing etc would probably come in handy and wifi availability would definitely be a plus. Sharing it on FB wouldn't be something I'd be looking for, but then you don't need an app for that as FB does it for you.
Finding and booking a hotel room where you want it.
Which is the best bus route and the nearest bus stop to get wherevever, taking into account the bus timetable and how long it would take to get to that bus stop.
How about a door to door calculation.
I should be picked up by a taxi no later then X to catch the train leaving at X to make the connection by X to get to the airport by X and get through security by X.
You can then break it down into three types:
1. Type1.
I like to build into the equation lots of problems, train strike, taxi driver died on way to station, took the tube in the wrong direction etc.
I'd rather die than be late (me).
2. I'm well-balanced and I've taken everything into consideration and I'll arrive in plenty of time, but not manically early, (and if I miss the flight, I'll deal with it).
3. I've spent a fortune in replacement flights as I just can't get my act together.
I couldn't care less about coupons, special offers, social sharing or restaurant/shop reviews. Security waiting times could be useful but only if they're either 'live' or clearly show how those times vary on different days or at different times. Wi-fi availability might be useful if it showed where free wi-fi could be found or, importantly, showed the costs and access means for paid for wi-fi. The availability of automated passport scanning is something else that could be considered.
What the weather was currently like on a particular beach, are there jellyfish about and how full is the car park. This would all be real time data. I'd love this information but I don't think it's what you mean.

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What Do You Think Is Missing In Travel Apps?

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