Usa Travel Mess Up... Any Ideas? Help!

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divegirl | 08:37 Wed 12th Mar 2014 | Travel
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I know there's probably nothing that can be done but, here's the long and the short of it!

My son is travelling to America on Monday [17th] for three months back packing, he, on my recommendation used a local [Co-operative] travel agent as I had used them before and found them helpful. I also thought this would make sure there were no hiccoughs!
Flights were booked.. good price, job done.

Then yesterday the boys went online to sort out their insurance and it wouldn't accept the dates. Turns out the travel agent had booked the return flight for 91 days after departure. You'd think the computer system would pick up on this. Or a trained travel agent, it's pretty basic stuff is it not?

I know they should have checked the confirmation themselves so please don't keep pointing that out. My son spoke the the manager yesterday and she just said it was his fault.

Any constructive advice?

Lisa x


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I think the travel agent should have noticed too- it's their job. I assume it would be just as expensive if they travelled out the following day. I think you can only really put your case to the travel agent and see if you can come to some sort of deal. Good luck x
09:21 Wed 12th Mar 2014
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Hi Eccles,
The insurance is not the problem, they flight means they will go over their visa length [and ESTA is only valid for 90 days at a time] and while I'm sure they would be able to leave the chances are they would be deported thus never being allowed re-entry to the US.

Sorry, I should have explained better.

Lisa x
Is the issue that he couldn't get insurance because it's more than 90 days?
Or is it that the travel agent has put down the wrong date for returning home?

If just the former then I am not sure what the travel agent could have done differently, other than perhaps say- "mmmm...91 days- do you realise you may find insurance difficult to get- have you considered staying a few days less?"
My question is sort of answered by your crossed post.
But has the travel company booked the dates he requested?
I agree that a good travel agent should have flagged up the ESTA issue though- it's abit different to booking hotels and flights directly when it's 100% the buyer's responsibility to check on ESTA requirements
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No, the insurance isn't a problem at all.

The visa is for 90 days and his trip is 91 days... the visa will run out. He has not time to get an extended visa as that takes three weeks.

Lisa x
I'm not sure I'm seeing the problem?

91 days = 3 months or near as dammit.

is that the problem?
Question Author
Sorry FF cross posted with you too lol

You would have thought so wouldn't you. The boys just gave a suggested leaving date [mid March] and let the travel agent to the rest.

Surely the travel agent should take part of the blame?
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Hey Ratter, well from what I'm reading the US is pretty strict on their Visas. is it worth ringing the Embassy?

Lisa x
Can the travel agent change the date of the return flight?
Aah, with you now.

Sorry but I can't think of any solution off the top of my head, apart from the obvious and expensive one :-(

Good luck.

Tell them to go into Canada for a couple of days and renew the visa there. Send the hotel bill to the travel agent.
Have you tried pleading your case to the airline to see if they'll move the flight to the day before? Might be worth a try.
I'd ask the travel agent to do any pleading
You're right FF, they should and they'll maybe have more sway.
You could ask the manager to sort it or you'll write to the Co-op chief Euan Sutherland. Hold on a minute... change that to 'go to the press'
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Someone else suggested that DT, how would that work exactly?

Go to Canada, go the US embassy and re-new Visa [ESTA? then return to the US and use the original flight home?

The Travel agent want £190 upwards to change the fight...

Oh and I am going to the travel agent at lunch time ;0)

Lisa x
Good luck :)
So the travel agent can change the return flight date but they want £190 to do so?
Question Author
Thank you RR... as you can see, I got on here in the end lol

Will let everyone know if I manage to get this sorted

Lisa x
Question Author
Yes Tilly, I wouldn't mind but the flight was only £450 to start with!

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Usa Travel Mess Up... Any Ideas? Help!

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