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Quickest Drive Route Plymouth To London: Via Bristol Or A303?

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rabbitdrop | 17:11 Fri 20th Sep 2013 | Travel
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Has anyone got any idea of the current quickest route from plymouth to london. normally the A303 would be quicker, but are there still long delays at stonehenge?
any advice would be welcome


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What time of day?
M5/M4 is quicker on google maps.
A38 > M5 > M4

That's the route that I'd take (even if the A303 was flowing freely) and it's also the one generated by the AA website's route finder.
Well worth bookmarking. (I prefer it to Google's version):
may depend on time of day - this piece of work can sometimes generate appalling delays:-

There's a lot of work going on round Bristol on the M5 - new traffic management scheme.
The delays at Stonehenge weren`t too bad today. They were terrible in the other direction though (heading West). I would still use that route rather than the M5/M4 though (unless it`s Sunday afternoon)
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I always use the A303 as its just a far more interesting journey than the motorway.

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Quickest Drive Route Plymouth To London: Via Bristol Or A303?

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