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DC_FC | 10:02 Sat 21st Sep 2013 | Travel
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Evening folks, im needing to get to the part of Broad Street where it crosses the old canal line. Was wondering if anyone could suggest where to park (easy to get too). Looked on the net and theres about 5 or 6 at the end of Broad Street where the junction with Islington Row Middleway is. The site I had a look on for parking is this


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not sure where you're coming from, but these days thursdays tend to be the busiest days traffic-wise so you might be better parking further out and bussing/training it in. have a look here - a lot of the car parks are free.;packedargs=website%3D4&pagename=BCC%2FCommon%2FWrapper%2FCFWrapper
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ll be coming from the m5, did think of park and ride but hadnt looked where they were.
I know this area well.

Looking at your map, car park number 5 (Brindley Place, Canalside) is a large secure car park, and only a short walk to where the canal goes under Broad St. Probably only a 2 or 3 minute walk.

From the Middleway roundabout just drive down Broad St, turn left at Sheepcote St (there is traffic lights and a Novatel hotel on the corner) and the car park is on your right (hidden amongst the office blocks, you have to drive between the office blocks to get to it).

The other good one is number 25 (Broadway Plaza). This is just on the left as you drive up Ladywood Middleway and opposite a huge Tescos. Note it is only about 100 yards up that road so look out for it.

This is also a large secure car park, and the entrance goes off to the left underneath the Broadway Plaza complex (cinema, restaurants etc.)

But this is a bit further to walk to the canal at Broad St, but only about a 10 minute walk.
The other option is to park down one of the side roads.

There is parking down Gas St and Berkley St and Granville St. These are all pay and display streets. They are also VERY near where the canal goes under Broad St.

Parking spaces in these roads do fill up quickly, but if you drive up and down them a few times you often find someone who is just leaving and you can grab their space.

Just drive down Broad St and then turn right into Gas St. Note Gas St is one way down the road FROM Broad St.

Also note Berkley St is one way TOWARDS Broad St.

But that can be an advantage as you can drive down Gas St, then UP Berkley St, then down Gas St again, then up Berkley again and so on, just keep going round in a "circle" till you find a space.

If a space does not turn up in these streets then just drive to one of the two places in my first reply.
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Thanks VHG, I was after some local knowledge too, ill get a map on the pc and read your 2 replies whilst trying to follow your instructions.
I find going into Google Maps and then going down into Street View can be very useful to help you find your way around and spot local landmarks.

If you have not used it before just drag the little orange man down on to the road you want to see and this will take you into Streetview.

Then you can move around "drive up and down" streets, rotate in all directions and so on so you get a feel for the place.
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VHG yes thats what I meant I was going to do.
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Just checked the cost of a trains and cheapest ticket is £11, not sure what to do, travelling time is roughly about the same.

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Going To Birmungham On Thursday

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