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Ryanair Seating

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malagabob | 20:57 Thu 28th Feb 2013 | Travel
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Do Ryanair give the option, as do Easyjet, of booking seats at a later date after initial booking, and after completing on line checkin.


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As far as I can see, the answer appears to be 'No'. Information about seat reservations is here:
but I can no reference to adding a seat reservation after the initial booking.

Further, the only way to amend bookings is via this page
which doesn't offer the option you're seeking.

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Thanks Chris
No, it's usually just a 'free for all' but if you don't mind where you sit, i'ts not a problem. People often start queuing ages before the flight is called and then the 'sheep' follow.
Question Author
Further to my original post. Would checkin or boarding staff have info as to what seats are still available, not pre booked.
Dont want the hassle of playing musical chairs on the plane, continually holding other passengers up.
Why didnt I pre book mine, cost for 2 people return,almost the same price as the flights.
I'm pretty sure they will call the people forward who've reserved a seat, to board the plane first.
It doesn't sound as if you can prebook all the seats anyway, only a few rows

I wouldn't bother with priority boarding either, that always seems a free for all (particularly if you have to get a bus to the plane).
boxy....priority boarding.......i can only speak for mrs Sqad and only for Menorca and Barcelona.........but SHE says that priority boarding is a MUST.

A separate bus was used to take the priority bods to the plane.

Also pre booked seats are only the first 2or 3 rows and theses are "roped off."

She was impressed with Ryanair.
Pre booking seats nearly doubles the cost of the flight. My nextdoor neigbours did it once but now just normal booking and grab a seat. Helps if you are fit and fast!

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Ryanair Seating

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