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Driving Through Europe. Ideas

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keyplus90 | 19:33 Thu 28th Feb 2013 | Travel
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I am planning to drive through Europe with my brother and couple of friends (all men). It will be sometimes during May or June this year. I just wanted some ideas what route to take where we can see few countries, nice sceneries, few cities and some culture. I am in London and do not mind taking any route but do not want to repeat it. Someone suggested that we should drive up north towards Scotland (to cover UK) and then cross over to Europe from wherever possible and then drive down towards Calais to come back. But I would prefer other choices from people who know better. Thanks.


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For how long are you going ?
Wherever you go don't forget to kit yourself up with:
2 x warning triangles
3 x breathalyzers (disposable)
Hi viz jackets (for all occupants if going through Spain)
Spare bulb kit
First aid kit
That should cover all the European countries you might pass through (I think)
And I think the hi viz jackets have to be in the car, not in the boot.
For driving anywhere in Europe, the first thing you'll need is a decent route planner. This is by far the best one:
(Note that you can choose 'sightseeing' among the options).

While the UK has some fantastic places to visit, I can't really see the point of spending more time on this side of the channel than you need to (e.g. by driving up to Scotland). Save that for another trip.

Further, I'd advise against trying to cover too many miles. If you want to really enjoy the trip, you probably don't want to spend a high percentage of your time driving.

Harwich is an easy drive from London, so why not start with the Harwich -Hoek van Holland ferry? That takes yopu almost straight into Rotterdam, from where yopu could head north to Amsterdam. Then south to Köln (and/or Frankfurt) and south again (via Karlruhe and/or Strasbourg) to Basel and/or Zurich. Head south-west to Geneva and onto Lyon, then head for Paris (either via Beaune, which is shorter, or via Limoges). Then back to Calais and London.

An alternative to the last part above would would be to do Lyon-Limoges-Bordeaux-Rennes-Cherbourg-Portsmouth-London.

Wherever you go, make sure that you've read the general information here:
and that you've used the drop-down menu on the right to view specific information for each country which you'll be visiting.
How about Harwich>Esbjerg>Hirstals>Bergen>Trelleborg>Travemunde>Helsinki>Turku>Stockholm>Helsingborg>Helsinor>Rodbyhamn>Puttgarden>Hook v. Holland>Harwich (or Puttgarden>Dunkirk/Calais/Boulogne)

Give you Esbjerg>Bergen>Oslo>Gothenborg>Lubeck>Helsinki>Stockholm>Norrkopping>Malmo>Copenhagen>Hamburg>Utrecht>Rotterdam (>Antwerp/Brussels>Ostend>Dunkirk/Calais)
Question Author
Thanks for the responses so far. I have all of the required things as we just drove to Calais (and around) for just a day trip with my family.

Yes, forgot to mention, time would not be the problem could be week, two weeks or even more as I work from home (my own boss) and ther would be visiting me from Pakistan for few weeks.
we have taken the ferry from hull to rotterdam - driven up through denmark, then through germany stopping off at several large cities, through netherlands and belgium and finish off in france via calais - three weeks
Go through the alps to Italy.
>>>visiting me from Pakistan for few weeks

If they hold non-EU passports, don't forget that they'll need Schengen visas.
This should help with your route planning re ferry travel throughout your travel, (I'm not advertising for this firm), but there are other ways to do this.
Question Author
Yes Chris, they will arrange Schengen visa.
Try to cross the Alps if you can...there is no grander scenery to be found anywhere. To go from Switzerland to Italy via the Simplon Pass would be wonderful !
Question Author
I will have to buy a 4x4 to cross the alps. But I think my poor Sharan should be able to do it too. That sounds nice actually. Its good that I have got few great ideas now to chose from.

We are planning camping on the way whereever night falls. As we may not be able to schedule where we would be at what time. Is that a good idea. I believe there are camping sites all over the Europe and my tom tom tells me where the nearest camping sites are. Or are there other choices? Obviously hotel or B&B would cost a lot.

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Driving Through Europe. Ideas

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